‘Lake Dead’ Starlet Kelsey Wedeen Headlines ‘Scream of the Bikini’


Scream of the Bikini is a kitschy ode to the spy films of the ’60s. Directed by Fernando Fernandez, if that is his real name (According to IMDB it’s not), the film follows two supermodels-turned-spies on their bikini-clad quest to bring down terrorist outfit S.I.A.D.

While I am a huge fan of bikinis, I don’t really care for these type of flicks. That’s not to say Scream of the Bikini sucks. Judging by the film’s trailer and website, it’s apparent a lot of effort has gone into producing something fun for fans of its genre. What’s caught my attention, however, is the casting of actress Kelsey Wedeen.


Fans of the After Dark’s annual 8 Films to Die For film-fest may recognize Wedeen as one of the leads in the 2007 entry Lake Dead. The 30-year-old California native can also be seen in the straight-to-DVD frighteners The Curse of the Forty-Niner, where she starred opposite Jeff Conoway and Karen Black, and the survival-horror indie Detour.

While none of these films is very good, Wedeen displays believable acting talent and is pretty damn easy on the eyes. In other words, exactly the kind of hot chick you serial-killers-in-training love to see tormented. Let’s hope her next project finds her back in peril … preferably while in a bikini.


Scream of the Bikini begins its limited theatrical run on Feb. 19.

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