In a display of casting genius, Studio Canal has tapped up-and-coming horror queen Amber Heard (Drive Angry, Zombieland) and the stoopidly hot Odette Yustman (The Unborn, Cloverfield) to headline their remake of the 1970 British surival-horror flick And Soon the Darkness.

Set and shot in Argentina, Darkness follows two American girls on a bike-riding excursion that goes terribly wrong when one of them is abducted.

The film’s synopsis reads:

Ellie and Stephanie break away from their boring tour group in pursuit of breathtaking scenery, adventure and fun of Argentina.
They reach the once-prosperous town of Alemana, where beneath the sumptuous landscape lies a dark secret. Despite rumours of local girls recently going missing, the pair head for a noisy bar to celebrate their last night and help give Ellie closure from her recent break-up. The next day the two girls fight and Ellie disappears. Stephanie follows a trail of sinister clues in an attempt to find her friend but who can she trust to help her, and moreover who must she fear when time is running out and soon the darkness will fall.

Studio Canal’s approach to the project is proving to be quite inspired, as demonstrated by the following promo pic showcasing Heard and Yustman in bikinis.


And Soon the Darkness is commercial director Marcos Efron feature film debut. Amber Heard serves as co-producer.

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