The foam was strong with Playboy Playmate of the Year (2007) Sarah Jean Underwood. The absolutely gorgeous “Attack of the Show” co-host commanded over a sexy group of Slave Leias during a charity car wash held in Los Angeles a week ago.

The fundraiser benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation and our penises.

Despite the fact that the event was being held for a children’s charity, the Leias were not shy about putting them on the glass. But, it was Underwood in a camel-toe revealing white Leia outfit (circa Episode IV) that had guys choking the wookie.

Underwood not only lathered up with the Slave Leias to scrub down landspeeders and podracers, she took time to booty-pop with dancing Jawas.

Feel the power of the backside.

Feel the power of the backside.

Underwood made her “Playboy” debut as part of “The Girls of the Pac 10” pictorial in the October 2005 issue of the magazine (she was featured on the cover as well). The 26-year-old stunner was name July’s Playmate of the Month in ’06 and Playmate of the Year in ’07.

Revenge of the Slit.

Revenge of the Slit.

“Attack of the Show” can be seen on the G4 network.

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Enjoy the gallery, you will:

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