TV starlet Reagan Dale Neis (“A Minute with Stan Hooper”) stars in award-winning filmmaker Drew Daywalt’s new horror-short Doppelganger. The 33-year-old actress plays a woman who receives a disturbing call from someone who is either her husband or his evil double.

Take a look:

Sadly, Doppelganger’s payoff didn’t really do much for me. I’m especially disappointed because—up until the end—I was really creeped out and expected to see some kind of disturbing conclusion along the lines of Daywalts’ Suicide Girl and the truly chilling Bedfellows. That said, I really can’t wait to see a full-length feature film from this guy.

Daywalt is one of the founding members behind the indie-horror troupe Fewdio. He recently completed a 17-episode web series entitled Camera Obscura for MGW Entertainment.

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