Slovakian stunner Barbara Nedeljakova appears to be stepping up her B-game. Best known in the States for her role as Euro cock-bait Natalya in writer/director Eli Roth’s Hostel, Nedeljakova has recently completed work on low-budget frighteners The Hike and Children of the Corn: The Dweller (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Her latest project is producer Jonathan Sothcott’s (Devil’s Playground) so-ridiculous-it-can-only-be-awesome thriller Strippers vs. Werewolves, directed by Jonathan Glendening (13 HRS). No word on what role Nedeljakova will play in the film, but my highly trained industry insider senses tells me it could very well be a stripper.

Interesting aside: Sothcott recently bragged to Dread Central that he is “pals” with insanely gorgeous British actress/model Gemma Atkinson and got the idea to hire Glendening as director after watching her in 13HRS. Let’s hope he still wants to bang her bad enough to offer her a part in the flick as well.

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