Will Kate Beckinsale Remember to Say Yes to ‘Total Recall’ Remake?


Word on the playground today is that British babe Kate Beckinsale has been offered a role in Sony Pictures remake of director Paul Verhoeven’s beloved 1990 sci-fi classic Total Recall. According to Deadline, the studio is looking to cast Beckinsale in the role of Lori Quaid.

Lori, if you recall, is wife to Doug Quaid, a man who is either a humble factory worker with a memory implant or a wanted super-spy. The part was memorably played in the original film by a then up-and-coming Sharon Stone.

The Total Recall redo is directed by Beckinsale’s lucky-dog husband—and Underworld 1-&-2 director—Len Wiseman and finds girly-man Colin Farrell stepping into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shoes as protagonist Doug Quaid. “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston plays the film’s politico villain Vilos Cohaagen.

Eva Mendes (Ghost Rider) and Rosario Dawson (Death Proof) are said to be in the running to play Quaid’s prostitute lover Melina. No word on who is up for the part of the three-breasted mutant hooker.

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