A Creepy Urban Legend Materializes in Sam Raimi’s ‘The Possession’


Lionsgate has released the first official trailer for Ghost House Pictures’ The Possession, a creepy curse story inspired by an old internet urban legend brought to light by a 2004 Los Angeles Times piece entitled “A Jinx in a Box.”

According to the Times’ story, an Oregon antiques collector sold an old Jewish wine cabinet box on EBay when he realized that it was haunted by a dybbuk (a Yiddish poltergeist). Like the box’s previous owners, he had suffered sudden and inexplicable misfortunes.

The last time I wrote about Ghost House’s adaptation of the dybbuk urban legend I inexplicably spilt a can of Diet Coke on my keyboard and forgot the passwords to all my favorite interracial porn sites. For that reason, I will no longer post on Sam Raimi’s The Possession.

But, you can peep the trailer:

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