‘Virginia Obscura’ Is ‘Mama Mia’ for Horror Fans!


If you thought Mama Mia could use less singing and a lot more torture and blood, then director Toby Osborne’s feature film debut Virginia Obscura is the remedy you seek. Scream queen Jessica Cameron (Silent Night) plays a young woman who concocts an outrageous plan to find her biological father.

It all begins when the daughter’s slutty mom confesses while on her deathbed that one of the four guys she banged during her drunken party days is her daughter’s daddy. The men are soon abducted by the daughter, who not only wants to know who her father is, but is out to fuck him up for being a deadbeat dad.

Virginia Obscura costars Matt Mitler (Basket Case 2), Ken Abraham (Creepozoids), Christopher Marrone (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) and horror legend Linnea Quigley (Silent Night, Deadly Night, Night of the Demons).

Photo: Brandon Batie

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