Splatterpunk horror author John Skipp and filmmaker Andrew Kasch (Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy) have co-directed and released a proof-of-concept sales trailer for a future film adaptation of Skipp’s 2006 strip club bloodfest “The Long Last Call.”

“The Long Last Call” is set at a backwoods strip joint where a mysterious stranger has arrived at closing time with a briefcase full of cash that he uses to conjure up feelings of greed, rage and resentment in lowlifes that patron the club and its dancers.

I read the book awhile back. While it’s not as frightening as what your significant other could do to you if you fail to blowtorch the pesky stripper glitter off your face after a night out at the nudie bar, it’s an extremely fun and twisted ride. Amazon’s 47North just re-released it. Pick it up!

Peep it:

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