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Lowly dogs, prepare to bow your heads. Mexican pop star and actress Eiza González (“Amores Verdaderos”) is reprising her role as Santánico Pandemonium in season two of El Rey’s “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,” a small screen adaptation of Robert Rodriguez’s classic 1996 frightener.

If you watched the show’s first season, you know González defied all odds, impressively filling Salma Hayek’s stripper heels as the Titty Twister’s gorgeous vampire-queen.

In addition to González, “From Dusk Till Dawn” sees the return of original stars D.J. Cotrona (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) and Zane Holtz (Vampires Suck) as fugitive brothers Seth and Richie Gecko, and Wilmer Valderrama (“That ’70s Show”) as serpent villain Carlos Madrigal.

The new 13-episode season shoots in October.

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