Hot Newcomer Amanda Adrienne Is ‘Avenged’

Amanda Adrienne-avenged

Amanda Adrienne plays girl interrupted and raped in director Michael S. Ojeda’s Avenged, a gory revenge-thriller hitting selected theaters and VOD March 6 and DVD April 21. Originally titled Savaged, the story finds Adrienne’s character, Zoe, abducted by murderous hillbilly rapists on a New Mexico road.

Making things more harrowing is that Zoe’s deaf and burdened with a sense of moral. When she attempts to rescue an Indian victim from the hillbillies, they beat and gang rape her, leaving her for dead in a shallow grave. An Indian medicine man brings her back to life, but possessed by the spirit of an Apache warrior!

I know… it had you at gang rape, you sick bastards.

Peep it:

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