Halle Berry Reminds Us She Has Big Beautiful Boobs!


Halle Berry may be 50, but she remains physically stunning as ever and, more importantly, hip to what the cool kids are doing, namely Instagram. Not one to get outdone by social media attention whores, the Academy Award winning actress posted a revealing photo on her IG account.

The picture shows Berry in a sheer white dress, reminding us all how big and beautiful her boobs are to this day. Berry hasn’t shown them off since 2001’s Monster’s Ball and Swordfish. The pic doesn’t go as far as the scenes in those movies, but damn if those mammaries don’t jog the memory.

Berry is coming off the surprisingly short-lived Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi series “Extant” and is best known to today’s young whipper-snappers as Storm in the ongoing X-Men franchise. She’s starred in the psychological frightener Gothika, shark movie Dark Tide, and the thrillers Perfect Stranger and The Call. She’ll next be seen in abduction thriller Kidnap.

Halle Berry also made our esteemed list of The 10 Hottest Shark Bait Babes.

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