Jamie Lee Curtis Is Next Year’s ‘Halloween’ Treat!


Jamie Lee Curtis is set to reprise her iconic role as Laurie Strode in a new and reportedly final Halloween sequel from horror hit machine Blumhouse and Universal Pictures. David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) directs and co-writes with longtime collaborator and actor Danny McBride (“Eastbound & Down”).

Curtis tweeted (along with the pic above):

Same porch. Same clothes. Same issues. 40 years later. Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween.

With Blumhouse in the driver’s seat and Halloween creator John Carpenter on board as executive producer, the new Curtis-starring film could be the best out of all the sequels and reboots in the franchise since Halloween IV! At the very least, we’ll get some quality dick jokes from Green and McBride.

The new Halloween is slated to release Oct. 19, 2018.

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