Alice Eve Joins ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ But What Will She Wear?


British stunner Alice Eve has been cast in a “mystery” role for season two of Netflix’s “Iron Fist,” a series that is an entire mystery to us because it just doesn’t look interesting – until now. If Alice Eve is involved, we don’t need to know the role outside of its wardrobe – are we talking skintight leather, pencil skirts, bikinis (woo-hoo)!

Executive Producer Jeph Loeb said:

We are very excited to have an actress of Alice’s stature join the cast of ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist.’ Her exceptional talent brings an intrigue and danger to her character unlike anyone else.

Intrigue and danger? That sounds like leather slingshot bikini and knee-high boots to us! Here’s hoping these Marvel fucks get it right and don’t downplay the femininity for the usual butch fashions.

Eve made her horror movie debut in 2010’s Sex and the City 2. Okay, we kid.  The gorgeous Brit dove into horror in 2012 with roles in ATM and the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired thriller The Raven. She’s since starred in Men In Black 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and the upcoming Keanu Reeves’ sci-fi thriller Replicas.

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