‘Fahrenheit 451′ Is Gonna Be Awesome for Old Fogie Demo!


Like most young kids with an Atari, I had zero interest in books growing up … until the day I couldn’t find Cliff Notes for Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and had no choice but to read it for a book report. My passion for literature was immediately ignited, destined to burn bright until I discovered pornography.

Now, HBO Films has now adapted Fahrenheit 451 for a new generation that doesn’t know what books are and is obsessed with being famous on social media – so, yeah, don’t count on them watching. But, we old fogies will have a blast pointing out how Bradbury called it way back in the 50s!

Fahrenheit 451 stars Michael B. Jordan as Guy Montag, a “fireman” tasked with burning books in a dystopian society where people are happily kept ignorant by their government, Michael Shannon as his boss Captain Beatty, and stunner Sofia Boutella – of Mummy, Atomic Blonde, Kingsman fame – as Clarisse, the young woman who opens his eyes.

Peep it:

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