Wishing Olga Kurylenko Would Share a ‘Room’ w/ Us!


If you were stuck in a mysterious room with Ukrainian stunner Olga Kurylenko and any wish you made came true so long as you stayed inside the house, what would you wish for? If you said anal, then The Room is sure to disappoint.

Kurylenko plays wife to a struggling comic-book artist who has grown disillusioned with her own career. They leave their life in New York for an old home in upstate New Hampshire and discover it has a secret room capable of granting them their wishes within its walls. They ask it for … a child – her idea we’re sure!

Kurylenko is best known for her roles as Tom Cruise’s wife in Oblivion and revenge-seeking Bond girl Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace. The Ukrainian stunner can also be seen in Neil Marshall’s Centurion and the big-screen video game adaptations Hitman and Max Payne.

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