How Will ‘Unfriended’ Stunner Renee Olstead Die In ‘Feral’


Unfriended actress Renee Olstead co-stars in Feral as one of six girlfriends on a camping trip attempting to survive a viral outbreak threatening to turn them all into rabid, cannibalistic zombies. Helmed by Mark H. Young (Tooth and Nail), the film will be released on VOD and digital by IFC Midnight on May 25.

It’s not known how long Olstead is in the movie being that Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) and Olivia Luccardi (It Follows) topline the film and are said [spoiler alert] to be the last standing, trapped in a cabin and armed only with a shotgun.

That doesn’t bode well for Olstead so we can only hope the busty stunner meets her demise while skinny-dipping in a lake with her hot friends, taking a long steamy shower, or getting it on with one of her bi-curious BBF’s under the night sky.

Peep it:

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