‘Walking Dead’ Season 9 Is Going to Be Brutal!


AMC unleashed a five-minute-plus trailer for “The Walking Dead’s” upcoming ninth season today at SDCC. Set to premiere Oct. 7, the show finds Rick Grimes and his people attempting to build civilization for Alexandria and its allied communities after defeating the Saviors and imprisoning their leader, Negan, in last season’s All Out War.

The new season promises to be the drama’s most polarizing and controversial to date for a variety of reasons leaked early on by entertainment sites and trades and now confirmed at SDCC — reasons we won’t expand on should you be fortunate enough to be living under a rock and not have assholes spoil every detail for you.

The trailer is absolutely awesome and does a great job of hinting at the white-knuckle thrills to come. Sure, we’re disappointed to see Tara waddling around, but Rick and Michonne are kicking ass, Negan still has teeth, Daryl and Carol are bonding, Maggie’s let her hair down, Jerry’s got a girlfriend, zombies are sicker than ever, and, holy crap, did you see Rosita’s pants?

Peep it:

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