Hot Coeds Experience a ‘Haunting On Fraternity Row’


The Haunting on Fraternity Row can now be witnessed on VOD and no it’s not about a hangover from the previous night of drinking and screwing. It’s about some cock-blocking evil entity that kills college kids as they party at a year’s end shindig.

The film is directed by some guy named Brant Sersen, who co-wrote it with some other guy named Jeff Cahn. It stars some dudes and sexy starlets Ashton Leigh (Ozark Sharks), Shanley Caswell (Snow White: A Deadly Summer), Claudia Lee (Kick-Ass 2), Stephanie Honore (Mirrors 2), Melissa Saint-Amand (“Ozark”), Mary Alice Risener (The Domestics), and Molly Tarlov (“Awkward”).

Peep it:

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