’13 Reasons Why’ Anne Winters Is Ready For a New ‘Countdown’


Anne Winters (“13 Reasons Why”) is joining Countdown, a tech thriller about an app that predicts when peeps meet their doom. The film is writer/director Justin Dec’s feature debut and costars Talitha Bateman (Anabelle: Creation) and Elizabeth Lail (“Once Upon a Time”) as its lead.

Countdown follows Lail as she attempts to save her life when the app tells her she has three days to live—while a mysterious figure shadows her. No word on what role Winters plays, but here’s hoping there’s enough time for a frivolous bubble bath before she bites it.

Horror fans may recognize Winters from her turn as a high schooler marked for death by her own parents in the 2017 horror-comedy Mom and Dad. She is best known for her role as hot cheerleader Chloe Rice on Netflix’s suicidal teen soap “13 Reasons Why.”

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