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Have I got a special Thanksgiving Day treat for you: an exclusive interview with Mr. & Mrs. Muki, founders of the girl-gobbling gourmet site MukisKitchen.com. The site has been around for 10 years and serves up plenty of succulent nude babes in erotically-charged cannibalistic scenarios. It’s an acquired taste for sure, but one that I think you’ll find intriguing.


Clatto: How did Muki’s Kitchen come to fruition?

Mr. Muki: To tell the truth, having a fetish as odd and dark as this can be very lonely.

Mrs. Muki: When we first discovered that Mr Muki was not alone in his cannibal fantasies (via Usenet–the World Wide Web was not up yet), most of the stuff we saw online consisted of stories, some drawings, and a few photo-manipulations. The photo-mainpulations were kind of interesting but they mostly consisted of a pin-up image of some naked girl, cut out and pasted into a fake tray or some other cooking situation.

Well by this time, Mr Muki had already photographed me in turkey-like poses and had also photographed an art-model in even more explicit shots. He was already a professional photographer, with his own studio, and had done work in special effects for low-budget motion pictures. In short, there was probably no one more qualified to do the very kinds of pictures that the cannibal fetishists would most enjoy. While exploring what was out there, we started thinking about how like-minded fetishists would react to the images we had already made, if only they could see them! This is what got us thinking that we might just have something if we only put the effort into building a site.

Clatto: These fantasies are extremely provocative. Do you worry that people won’t get it? Or, that it may encourage violence towards women?


Mr. Muki: When we first started planning Muki’s Kitchen, the thought that someone might take it as a blueprint for criminal acts was most definitely our main concern. Fortunately, we hit upon the perfect “tone” for our site. Humor is definitely a large part of how we handle the “dark side” of what we do. You really can’t take any of this too seriously and the more you relax and have fun with it, the healthier it will be for you!

Mrs. Muki: Some of our most ardent fans are women. We emphasize fantasy in our visuals as well as our writing. All of our pictures are strictly of women, playing both the chefs and the entrees. Mr. Muki completely identifies with women, whether they’re the chefs or the entrees, and we feel that this is a large part of our site’s appeal to women.

Think about it, a lot of sexual fantasy is all about tension. The girl who is playing the chef almost certainly empathizes with the girl who she is preparing as the entree; only a very thin thread of luck separates the chef from suddenly being the entree. If you put yourself in either place, you are very close to being the other. As weird as it may seem, Mr. Muki completely identifies with both places and his male-self does not even exist in his own sexual fantasies!

Mr. Muki: While the literal concept of cannibalism does indeed have a very violent implication to it, the symbolic side of it is all about making the object of your affections a complete and permanent part of yourself. Yes, the physical reality of it is that the person you eat will eventually be pooped out of your butt, but we don’t really concentrate on that part all too much. If you look at the more infantile andĀ etherealĀ side of it all, a “consuming passion” actually makes a lot of sense!


Clatto: Do the models understand the fetish?

Mr. Muki: When we started our site, our biggest worry was how we would get models to pose as meat. We need not have worried so much. Some of our very biggest fans are the very models who pose for us! Maybe it’s just that what we do is so different from what they are usually asked to do, but we also credit our very professional approach and the fact that we always strive to make our models look their very best, i.e. sexy & delicious!

Clatto: Is being consumed the ultimate experience for a submissive female?

Mr. Muki: For many of our female fans, and a few models, yes. Think of all of the attention that a Thanksgiving turkey gets when being cooked and served. Wouldn’t all that attention be appealing? Can you just imagine, being a sexy woman, how it would feel knowing that your cooked body would be so appreciated? Okay, we’re probably getting a little carried away here. But, the point is that a true sub wants to completely submit to her master and to be completely satisfying. Is there any more ultimate submission than to be cooked, served, and eaten?


Mrs. Muki: In all seriousness, one of the fascinating appeals of this silly little fetish is the thought that the girl who is the entree is completely beyond any feelings of shame or modesty. The fact that she is being served on a platter, with her legs folded up above her, and her crotch and backside completely exposed, is a small issue compared to being eaten! This is what we try to express in our photos and what our fans seem to like the most.

Clatto: If you could cook up a celebrity babe, who would you choose and how would you serve her?

Mr. Muki: How about Scarlett Johansson? Scarlett, if you are reading this, please accept this as a compliment. We wish you no harm and are only saying that you certainly do look absolutely delicious! You just can’t serve Scarlett wrong; we’ll eat her up any way she’s served.

Clatto: Is the human liver really served best with fava beans and a nice Chianti?

Mr. Muki: We are not so much into guts and prefer a nice rump-roast. As for side dishes, sauteed onions are our favorites. Regarding choice of wine (and not meaning to cast aspersions on Hannibal’s choices), Chianti is a little low class. If a woman is willing to sacrifice her ass for our meal, she deserves at least a fine Opus One, preferably a 1995!

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  1. i like what you do.

  2. I would like to be eaten alive by a group of females-ripping the flesh frm my bones vith their teeth till I am totally consumed

  3. I live in Los Angeles. Muki has turned me down numerous times to be the male pig on his website. I will perforn for FREE. I will send you my script and picture if you know of any women that will eat me for real or for fantasy and it maybe videotaped.

  4. It’s been awhile since I spoke to them, but I’m pretty sure Muki only shoots girl-on-girl cannibalism.

  5. I believe they tried the male meat thing once. They used to link it on their site, even. They said their wasn’t enough demand to warrant it.

    Even if you work the shoot for free it still costs them to produce it in the form of time and materials.

  6. this information is accurate.It’s on their website describing it as an experiment that wasn’t financially viable.

  7. i luv watever u do..


  9. i would actually desire to be roasted or oven cooked and served as a meal to a group of Females- this is not just a fantasy for me and a video would be acceptable to sell once i meet my demise as the meal

  10. this is..perverted
    Do people actually get hurt from this?
    Oh the humanity…

  11. Peeps dont get hurt its just them acting… Very sexy acting :3

  12. I want to eat her anus and rectum

  13. you should eat her anus and butt

  14. I want to be roasted in an oven and carved up for women to eat me Please.

  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Muki’s Kitchen! Discovered this ‘kink’ in college and then forgot about it in the rush of life. Met and married the man of my dreams and he loves role play as much as I do. This has become one (among many) roles we play. My favorite role is the one played by Sailor Luna in ‘Salted Ham’ and I have been in her position, with that meat thermometer (which we modified with a butt plug) firmly planted in just the right spot, all tied up and ready for him to roast me! We use only water-based massage oils. Great fun and I cum at least three times even before he starts nibbling at the right bits!

  16. Thank you SommerGirl! So sorry about the lateness in seeing and responding to your comment but I don’t check my links very often. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your reaction to my work and your comments about role-playing! What a perfect example of tuning into this fetish in a safe and sane way! Have fun and thank you again!

  17. Mukis kitchen is amazing i want that dinner NOW!