Liv Tyler Is Lost in Space Without a Morning-After Pill In ‘The Side Effect’


Liv Tyler has signed on to star in director Ti West’s (House of the Devil) new sci-fi, psychological nightmare The Side Effect. Tyler will play the role of Catherine Rigby, a woman who inexplicably becomes pregnant while living alone in space for months as a test subject for a global pharmaceutical company.

She tells Deadline:

[Ti West] is a super-talented exciting young filmmaker. The role of Rigby is a fantastic character within a great thriller and I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into the part.

The Side Effect marks Tyler’s return to horror since starring in the truly frightening home-invasion slasher The Strangers in 2008. Additional genre creds include the Michael Bay disaster-thriller Armageddon, ¬†Uni and Marvel’s 2008 redo of The Incredible Hulk, James Gunn’s superhero comedy Super and, of course, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The Side Effect, which will most likely be retitled as Hollywood big shot Steven Soderbergh is shooting a film with the same name, will be shopped at this year’s European Film Market.

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