The Ten Hottest Horror/Sci-fi Babes of the Past Decade!

It’s 2010 and my resolution is to stop procrastinating … next year.

The following is Clatto’s list of the 10 Hottest Horror/Sci-fi Babes of the Decade. It is comprised of actresses who have starred in high-profile horror/sci-fi projects during the last 10 years. So while someone like Naomi Watts may not seem like a scream queen, her work in the Ring films and Peter Jackson’s King Kong would earn her more points than the nurse chick in Run Bitch Run.

Looks also play a part so brace yourself for disappointment if you happen to be a Kathy Bates fan. Finally, rank was determined by the starlet’s productivity and by taking into consideration the likelihood that they will stay true to the horror genre.


10. Monica Bellucci


Urban legend has it that simply chanting the name Bellucci will conjure up feelings of arousal. The Italian born actress kicked off the decade playing Persephone, the disenchanted trophy wife of the Frenchman, in the two sequels to the groundbreaking sci-fi actioner The Matrix. In 2005, she starred as the Mirror Queen opposite Matt Damon and Heath Ledger in director Terry Gilliam’s (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Twelve Monkeys) The Brothers Grimm.

Admired for her drop-dead gorgeous figure and loved by those with penises for her willingness to do nudity, Bellucci is regrettably not a big fan of horror movies. However, the new decade will see Bellucci in John Turteltaub’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the Joel Schumacher thriller 1:30 Train. Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel to Bellucci’s butt-rape classic Irreversible.

9. Jennifer Connelly


Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly is best known for her dramatic performances in pictures such as Requiem for a Dream and House of Sand and Fog, but the stunning Brooklyn Heights native lent her talents to some high-profile fantasy films over the past decade, kicking off with Ang Lee’s Hulk remake in 2003.

Dark Water, an adaptation of Hideo Nakata’s Japanese ghost film of the same name, followed in 2005. In ’08, she starred opposite Keanu Reeves in the 20th Century Fox remake The Day the Earth Stood Still and alongside Brendon Fraser in the film adaptation of Cornelia Funke’s novel Inkheart. This year, she provided the voice of 7 in the animated, must-see, post-apocalyptic thriller 9.

While none of these films were commercial successes, Forbes places Connelly at #2 on their Top 10 Best Actresses for the Buck list (Naomi Watts is #1).

Among Connelly’s fav horror flicks are: Rosemary’s Baby, Don’t Look Now, and The Shining.

8. Naomi Watts


Aussie actress Naomi Watts paid her horror/sci-fi dues during the ’90s with such unfortunate crap as Children of the Corn: The Gathering and the Lori Petty vehicle Tank Girl. Thankfully, the blonde stunner fared much better in the decade that followed, delivering a critically acclaimed scene-chewing/carpet-munching performance in the 2001 David Lynch mystery-thriller Mulholland Dr. and a career-making turn in Dreamworks’ 2002 J-horror adaptation The Ring.

In 2005, Watts reprised her role as tormented career-mom Rachel Keller for The Ring 2 and also took the lead in Peter Jackson’s King Kong reboot. Though her undeniable acting abilities have unfortunately secured her enough dramatic work to keep her away from the horror genre, the 41-year-old actress continues to keep one foot in the grave so-to-speak. In 2007, she produced and starred in the American version of the home-invasion frightener Funny Games.

During a press conference for Games in ’08, Watts said:

I’ve never been a fan of gore. Even though I’ve done quite a few thrillers and films of this genre, there’s never really been much blood and guts in the films that I’ve done. It’s been more psychological. I understand that every film has its value in its own different way. What works for some people doesn’t work for others. I’m an actor. I enjoy playing fear – but again I’m not ever really interested in the gory, gory stuff.

Up next for Watts is a lead role in an adaptation of the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds.

7. Liv Tyler


In 2001, Peter Jackson proved that elves could produce something far more appetizing than cookies when he cast Liv Tyler as half-elven heroine Arwen in his adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Tyler reprised the role in the sequels that followed: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.The trilogy has earned over $2 billion worldwide.

Tyler took some time off from acting to raise her son, but returned to the fantasy genre in 2008 to star opposite Edward Norton in Marvel Studios The Incredible Hulk relaunch. That same year, she starred in one of the decades most terrifying films: The Strangers. A sequel to the intense and brutally violent home-invasion flick is set to be released in 2010 with Tyler attached to star.

Tyler is a fan of J-horror and zombie films and was offered the female lead in director Zach Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake.

6. Sara Michelle Gellar


Sarah Michelle Gellar came into the decade with some hefty creds under her belt, namely an iconic turn as Buffy Summers in producer/creator Joss Whedon’s hit television serial “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and roles in the blockbuster films I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2.

“Buffy” came to an end at the UPN network in 2003, drawing over 4 million viewers for its series finale. Perhaps taking a note from Naomi Watts, Gellar went on to star in Takashi Shimizu’s remake of his own J-horror hit The Grudge (approx. $187 million worldwide) and its sequel The Grudge 2 (approx. $68 million worldwide).

Gellar also starred in Rogue Films disappointing 2006 ghost story The Return and two truly horrific Scooby Doo live-action flicks with husband Freddie Prinze Jr. Her most recent horror offering is the psychological thriller Possession, a remake of the South Korean chiller Jungdok. Gellar plays a woman whose husband and brother-in-law seem to have switch souls after awakening from car accident induced comas.

5. Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale broke stateside in 2003 with Screen Gem’s surprise vampire vs. werewolves hit Underworld. The sexy Brit has become the Meryl Streep of scantly-clad horror heroines by displaying true acting talent along with her shapely bum in film’s such as 2004’s monster-slayer actioner Van Helsing, the 2006 Underworld sequel Underworld: Evolution, and 2007’s survival-horror show Vacancy.

Named Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive 2009, Beckinsale continues to jones for critical acclaim, often taking parts in such dramatic snoozefests as Snow Angels and Everybody’s Fine. She passed on Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and has yet to commit to starring in part 4 of the franchise. She did, however, star in last year’s Arctic-set chiller Whiteout, which unfortunately was given the cold shoulder at the box office.

4. Shawnee Smith


Shawnee Smith’s ongoing role as Amanda Young in Twisted Pictures’ innovative Saw series has made her one of the most recognizable and sought after figures in horror. The South Carolina native took on the iconic part of junkie-turned-Jigsaw apprentice in 2004, after coming off a six year run on the CBS sitcom “Becker.”

Along with all six Saw films, Smith has starred in Michael Bay’s 2005 sci-fi epic The Island, the 2006 cult classic Repo! The Genetic Opera, and 2009’s Ghosthouse sequel The Grudge 3.  In 2008, she played a lead role in Fearnet’s web-series 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust and hosted the VH1 reality show “Scream Queens,” which put wannabe horror actresses through acting and stunt competitions for a role in Saw 6.

Ironically, Smith remains a big chicken when it comes to watching horror movies.

She tells the NY Post:

It’s hilarious because I don’t watch scary movies. I don’t even watch “CSI!” To me, that’s too jarring for my senses. Which is maybe why I get hired for these things.

3. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba rose to fame as genetically enhanced femme-fatal Max Guevera in producer James Cameron’s sci-fi TV serial “Dark Angel.” The show only ran for two seasons (2000-2002), but catapulted Alba to big screen success.

That success was quickly threatened, however, by a handful of dreadfully bad flicks (i.e. Honey). Fortunately, the California native’s stardom (and sex appeal) was soon solidified with an iconic turn as lasso-swinging stripper Nancy Callahan in Robert Rodriguez’ 2005 adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel Sin City.

That same year, Alba played  Sue Storm, aka: the Invisible Woman, in 20th Century Fox’s superhero epic The Fantastic Four. She reprised the role two years later in the sequel 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Together, the films have grossed over $600 million worldwide.

Alba also starred as Hayden Christensen’s shady love interest in the 2007 hospital-set thriller Awake and as a haunted cornea transplant recipient in the 2008 American remake of the Pang Brothers The Eye. She received consecutive Razzie nominations for both performances.

The 28-year-old actress has expressed regret over many of her career choices and continues to strive for critical acclaim in spite of her God-given talents of T&A. Thankfully, Alba’s knack for bad decision making (The Love Guru, Valentine’s Day) will most likely keep her cast as eye candy in many horror/sci-fi flicks to come, including the Wild Bunch serial-killer remake The Killer Inside Me, in which she plays a prostitute with an affinity towards rough sex.

2. Eliza Dushku


Eliza Dushku started off the 2000’s on two hit TV shows: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and its spinoff “Angel.” She made her horror movie debut in 2001 opposite Casey Affleck in Soul Survivors, but it was 2003’s homicidal-hillbilly feature Wrong Turn that earned her a new and devout following of genre fans. That same year, Dushku returned to television as the star player in Fox TV’s paranormal series “Tru Callling.” Unfortunately, the show was canceled after two seasons.

Dushku paid her rent by taking roles in numerous indies and direct-to-video titles, including the paranormal-thriller Open Graves (to be released this year) and the serial-killer flick The Alphabet Killer, for which she turned in her first ever topless scene.

In ’09, the Massachusetts born actress joined forces with Buffy creator Joss Whedon to create the sexy sci-fi actioner “Dollhouse” for Fox. Despite showcasing Dushku’s body in a variety of revealing outfits, the show failed to connect with viewers and was soon shit-canned (the series ends its two-season run on Jan. 22).

Throughout her topsy-turvy Hollywood run, Dushku’s fan base has continued to grow. Her inability to tap into a successful television series and/or film career only endears her more to the horror community and gives them hope for more Dushku straight-to-DVD nudity!

1. Milla Jovovich


Beautiful face, athletic figure, and an affinity for going nude—these are just a few of the things that horror/sci-fi fans love about Milla Jovovich. The Ukrainian born actress/model fell into the horror genre by taking on the iconic role of Alice in the hugely popular Resident Evil films. The series, based on the bestselling Capcom video games, has earned over $370 million worldwide.

In addition to the initial Resident Evil trilogy, Jovovich also starred in the 2006 sci-fi actioner Ultraviolet and in two of 2009’s most memorable horror outings: the survival-suspense-thriller A Perfect Getaway and the alien abduction frightener The Fourth Kind. Up next for Jovovich is the serial-killer drama Faces in the Crowd.

Along with her good looks and impressive ass-kicking abilities on film, what makes Jovovich number one on this list is her embrace of the horror genre and its followers. The 34-year-old stunner makes it a habit to communicate with fans and has most recently been tweeting from the set of Resident Evil: Afterlife, due out later this year.

Jovovich lists The Shining and the Saw films as some of her favorite horror flicks.

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