Stuart Gordon’s “Re-Animator: The Musical” will end its run at the Hayworth Theater in Downtown, Los Angeles on June 3. Adapted from Gordon’s beloved 1985 film, the production follows the grisly havoc caused by med school students Herbert West and Dan Cain after they set out to reanimate human corpses.

The show which was recently named Musical of the Year at the LA Weekly Theater Awards, reunites Gordon with Re-Animator writers Dennis Paoli and William J. Norris and FX artists John Buechler and Anthony Doublin. The result is a love song for fans of the classic film.

Mrs. Muertos and I caught the musical last year when it played at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood and had a total blast. The songs are funny and, best of all, catchy (“I Give Life” and “Basement” are especially fun). The cast is a treat to watch, especially Graham Skipper in the role of West.

To read the Clatto review, go here.

But, why just read when you can experience? Tickets to the show are available for May 27, May 31 and June 1-3 right now at ReanimatorTheMusical.com. Enter the code “008” and you’ll get half-off any ticket, any show (you’re welcome). Hell, you can even use the code at the Hayworth box office.

Those looking for interactive thrills can purchase seats in the “splatter zone” and/or enter a Re-Animator costume contest on Saturday, June 2 during a special 10:30 p.m. late show. The Hayworth Theater is located at 2511 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.

But, that ain’t all! Clatto has got a pair of FREE tickets for the first person to email me at eddie.muertos@facebook.com with the answer to this question: What is the name of Dan Cain’s cat?

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