Jennifer Lawrence Fights Gravity to Keep Bikini On in ‘Passengers’


Sony Pictures opens its Christmas tent-pole Passengers on Dec. 21 and it isn’t taking any chances in drumming up interest for the space-set romance thriller. In its first clip for the movie, the studio has chosen to release a gravity loss scene featuring Jennifer Lawrence in a revealing white swimsuit.

Well played, Sony. Well played.

Passengers stars Lawrence and Christopher Pratt as strangers on a spacecraft to a new planet who are awakened from their sleep pods 90 years too early by a ship malfunction that threatens to wipe out the 5000 still sleeping passengers on board.

Peep it:

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  1. Well…
    – cheezy plot, check (who doesn’t love a cheezy plot?) ;
    – drowning in a 0 grav swimming pool, that’s a plus…
    – … in a white swimsuit? That definitely a treat.

    Anyway, you had me at “space-set romance thriller” (and then almost lost me at “Christopher Pratt”), but that’s because I’m a girl 😀

    Looks like my next “set-on-repeat-stuck-in-bed-with-the-flue” movie…

  2. We’ve got to salute the writers here: this could have happened in a closed toilet booth.

    But serioulsy, check for JenniferLawrence’s shoes in the official trail at 0:05 (https://youtu.be/dTHHvhtgZiE?t=5s). I would kill for those shoes. Seriously, I would kill anyone wearing those shoes.

  3. If the scene had been in a toilet booth, it’d be my set-on-repeat-stuck-in-bed-with-the-flu movie 🙂