Imagine ‘Scream’ Opening w/ More Ass: Peep ‘Close Calls’ Teaser!

jordan-phipps (2)

A teaser trailer has gone online for indie frightener Close Calls and it is truly an example of genius marketing, focusing on its bosom-heavy, butt cheek baring star as her evening with a tasty pizza and some ranch dressing is rudely interrupted by sinister forces.

The teaser will remind horror fans of the opening scene in Wes Craven’s Scream, but re-imagined with a lot more ass, courtesy of lead Jordan Phipps (pictured above).

Helmed by writer and director Richard Stringham in his feature film debut, Close Calls stars Phipps as a troubled teen left home with her grandmother by her father and forced to fend off a stalker obsessed with her big boobs and enormous ass – well, that’s why we think he’s obsessed with her.

Peep it:

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  1. Technically, she stepped on that slice of pizza. Not to be an ass or anything, of course.
    But damn! Such a nice piece of pizza…