Regal 4DX Horror Fest Is a Halloween Treat!


Regal Cinemas’ inaugural 4DX Horror Fest is well under way with screenings of fright favs IT: Chapter One, Annabelle: Creation, Jigsaw, and this year’s unholy blockbuster The Nun. Running now through Nov. 1 at all Regal 4DX locations, the event — priced at a sweet $10 a pop — is a Halloween treat not to be missed.

Of course, if you’re a horror fan, you will have most likely seen these films, maybe even own them, but watching them in a 4DX equipped auditorium with friends and strangers is the kind of fun and unique experience that makes movie-going special again—especially for those who enjoy the nervous energy of watching horror in a group. Everyone is on the edge of their seats. Literally.

The chairs, big and cozy, are synced to vibrate and tilt with the action onscreen while environmental effects (i.e. rain, wind, lightning, scents) and blood splatter (water…we hope!) enhance the atmosphere. Jump scares in 4DX are a blast, of course, but it’s when you hardly notice your chair has dipped or reclined or leaned to follow a character around a sewer, down a basement, or into a trap that suspense is spiked.

New Line’s 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s IT and producer James Wan’s Annabelle: Creation are the must-sees at the festival. Frightening and engaging on all levels—thoughtfully written, superbly acted, masterfully helmed—they are a perfect mix of story and scares. Every jolt is earned and perfectly timed to ensure Pennywise and Annabelle spook you where you sit.

Jigsaw, last year’s revival of the SAW series after a seven year hiatus, is a no-brainer for 4DX. The chair’s rumblings, air jets, and blood splatter add oomph to what are some pretty fun traps in the highly underrated entry — our favorite being Laura Vandervoort buried neck deep in a grain silo as sharp objects rain down around her. The air jets go nuts on this part and it’s effectively nerve-racking.

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