Behemoth Channels Ben Stiller for Death Metal Zoolander In ‘Sabbath Mater’


Because we like our metal like our women—hairy—our heads have mostly banged to hair metal acts celebrating the joys of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. But, now, our poseur eyes have been opened to the musical stylings of Polish death metal outfit Behemoth and their satanic ways.

Posted below is the Behemoth video for Sabbath Mater, a monstrous track from their newest CD, “I Loved You at Your Darkest.” The imagery on this is just disturbing and sick…and we love it! There are also bare boobs, but they’re bloody—hey, compromise is good.

Seriously, this video is better than some horror flicks we’ve seen. Oddly enough, the vocalist’s resemblance to Ben Stiller also makes it amusing like watching a death metal Zoolander!

Peep it:

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