Kristen Connolly Dives Into ‘Deep Water’

Kristen Connolly is joining Ana de Armas and Rachel Blanchard in celebrated Fatal Attraction, Indecent Exposure, and Unfaithful director Adrian Lyne’s new erotic thriller Deep Water, starring Ben Affleck and based on the novel by renowned novelist Patricia Highsmith.

Deep Water tells the story of a beautiful wife (de Armas) in a loveless marriage who makes a a willing cuckold out of her husband (Affleck) to keep their wedded facade going. When he grows resentful and bodies of her former lovers start popping up, she soon must find a way out before death do they part.

No word on what role Connolly plays in the film, but we hope it involves frivolous nudity and lesbian shenanigans.

Horror fans will recognize Connolly from her roles in Barry Levinson’s outbreak thriller The Bay and Drew Goddard’s fuck you to fright fans A Cabin In the Woods.

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