Our list of The 5 Hottest Nude Acting Performances of 2017 is here! It was a huge year for women on the big screen and small as many toplined some of the most successful movie blockbusters and acclaimed television series ever. Unfortunately, most played it safe (we’re looking at you Wonder Woman).

We’re not here to celebrate those who take no chances. No, sir. We honor those brave boob, bush, and butt baring thespians and lesbians whose nudity enhanced their roles and made their performances all the more impactful.

If you’re some kind of historian, you won’t want to miss our lists for 2016, 2015, and 2014. And… don’t forget to check out our list of The 10 Sexiest Horror Films of 2017.



Cortney Palm has captured horror fans’ dark little hearts with appearances in indie thrillers such as Sushi Girl, Silent Night, and Zombeavers and refreshing devil-may-care attitude towards nudity. This year, the slender hottie played a party girl high on peyote and fleeing from a giant ant while shedding her skimpy clothes in the horror-comedy Dead Ant. The scene opens the movie and helps set its outrageous vibe from the get-go.



Teresa Palmer turns in a powerful nude performance as abducted Australian photographer Clare Havel in one of the year’s most intense thrillers, The Berlin Syndrome. Clare meets a charming high school teacher named Andi while sightseeing and is immediately attracted to his easy manner and charming humor. He shows her round town, leading her back to his towering and isolated apartment for what’s meant to be a prolonged, but temporary, relationship.

Suddenly aware of her entrapment, Clare employs all tactics possible to escape only to have each attempt thwarted at every turn. As months go by, Clare’s nudity goes from frightened and tormented to seductive and cunning to desperate and sad. It’s an emotional roller coaster of Palmer T&A!



Cuban stunner Ana de Armas, a 2015 Best Nude Acting honoree for her role in the erotic thriller Knock Knock, goes nude as the female lead in Ridley Scott’s eagerly anticipated sequel Blade Runner 2049. Armas plays Joi, a hologram companion with powerful AI capabilities available for purchase to those seeking an enhanced girlfriend experience – in this case, protagonist Blade Runner K.

As Joi, Armas is as wonderfully sweet and vulnerable as she is drop dead sexy – a real departure from her bratty bad girl role in Knock Knock. It’s a star-making part in the vein of Margot Robbie’s full-frontal turn in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street. Sure, Armas’ nudity is quite brief by comparison, but she does it at 50-foot-tall!



Carrie Coon would surely be insulted to know she’s ended up on a list such as this, but the acclaimed actress brought us to tears while our trousers were down during the third and final season of HBO’s devastatingly tragic drama series “The Leftovers.” As Nora Durst, Coon often went nude, but this year she ripped our hearts out as she stepped into a machine sure to incinerate her in the hopes of being reunited with her husband and children, taken during the Sudden Departure that took 2% of the world’s population without a trace.

And, yet, through the tears and terror of what could be Nora Durst’s horrific end, we couldn’t help but notice what an amazing tush Coon rocks while climbing up to the machine! Powerful stuff on all levels.



Ruth Ramos comes to us from Tijuana, Mexico – the land of hot donkey love. It’s no surprise then she didn’t shy away from the inter-species sex required from her in the role in Amat Escalante’s The Untamed, a pervy creature-feature masquerading as an art-house drama about a small town nurse married to an abusive brute who is having an affair with her brother.

Unlike Guillermo del Toro’s Shape of Water, The Untamed is not a romantic tale where love conquers all, but instead a Pornhub-worthy spectacle of tentacle gangbanging. Ramos has set the nude performance bar pretty high, but here’s hoping there’s a sequel!

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  1. Good list. Cortney Palm naked or just topless in Dead Ant?

  2. She strips entirely while running, providing mostly T&A shots 🙂

  3. She strips? Sounds a little bizarre. From the trailer I assumed somehow the giant ant stripped her.

    Looks she might have a nude scene in the upcoming horror film Death House.

    Totally agree on the Carrie Coon scene. I don’t watch The Leftovers but really liked her in Fargo in which she wears bulky winter clothes most of the time. Surprised by the nude scene and she looks phenomenal.

  4. That woulda been cool! But, no. She’s high and starts shedding her clothes while fleeing. The director was asked about that specifically at the screening, but just laughed it off lol. It’s a really wacky, fun movie. I say check it out.

    I’ve been meaning to check out Fargo. Dressed or not, Coon’s a great actress. Now, I’ve got more reason to watch!