Cuban stunner Ana de Armas is set to star opposite Ben Affleck in celebrated Fatal Attraction, Indecent Exposure, and Unfaithful director Adrian Lyne’s new erotic thriller Deep Water, based on renowned novelist Patricia Highsmith’s book of the same name.

Ana de Armas will play a beautiful wife in a loveless marriage who’s made a a willing cuckold out of her husband (Affleck) to keep their wedded facade going. When he grows resentful and bodies of her former lovers start popping up, she soon must find a way out before death do they part.

de Armas most recently wowed audiences with stroke-worthy performances in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner 2049 and Eli Roth’s Knock Knock. She’s been honored on Clatto’s esteemed list of The 5 Hottest Nude Acting Performances of 2017 and The 5 Hottest Nude Acting Performances of 2015.

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