Megan Fox to Play Sexy Astronaut in ‘Aurora’

We’d call it a comeback, but Megan Fox has been on loop in our heads since revving our engines in Michael Bay’s Transformers. After a much too long hiatus from the big screen—where she graciously gifted us stroke-worthy performances in the criminally underrated Jennifer’s Body and the rightfully panned, but oh-my-God-she’s never looked-hotter, Jonah Hex—the iconic sexpot is set to star in Aurora.

Helmed by some guy named Lazar Bodro┼ża, the sci-fi thriller has Fox playing a hot astronaut stationed in space to monitor solar storms that threatened Earth. Shock waves from the storms are bending time and Fox is soon caught in a rift between her past and present. Cameras roll in May.

No word on how exactly producers plan to make Fox’s astronaut sexy, but we’re hoping for a suit that’s a two-piece with a thong back and jetpack—something alluring that is obviously rooted in science. Fingers crossed they get it right. Fox deserves a righteous comeback!

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