Megan Fox Nude Photos Leaked Online? Get the Skinny Now!


The media was aflutter yesterday with reports that Megan Fox’s (Jennifer’s Body, Transformers) laptop had been hacked and that many of her nude personal photos had been leaked online. Turns out that pictures were fake; just photoshopped images of Fox done up by some crappy porn site. Thankfully, I only bought one case of Kleenex and half a gallon of Lubriderm at  the Costco last night. Looks like being thrifty really paid off.

The photo is fake. Your boner is real.

The photo is fake. Your boner is real.

So there you have it. The photos are fake. You can move on to the next story. Yup. Nothing to see here, folks. You can find some real Megan Fox semi-topless photos here. And, don’t forget to check her out in these half-naked shots.

Fox is part of Clatto’s esteemed list of The 20 Hottest Women Working in Horror/Sci-fi Today.

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  1. If these are photoshopped, then who ever done it was damn good! You can usually tell when pictures are cropped, but these 2 are awesome. Especially the 1st one. What a beautiful apple bottom!!!