Megan Fox Plays a Prostitute in ‘Jonah Hex.’ Are You Hooked Yet?


Warner Bros. supernatural-western Jonah Hex is currently in post production.

Originally introduced in 1977 by DC Comics, Jonah Hex is a former Confederacy officer turned outlaw bounty hunter. The film, directed by Jimmy Hayward, finds Hex hired by the U.S. military to stop a diabolical madman and his army of evil in exchange for his freedom.


Tentatively scheduled for a June 2010 release, Hex stars Josh Brolin (Grindhouse) as the facially disfigured antihero, John Malkovich (Mutant Chronicles, Beowulf) as his nemesis Quenten Tumbull, and Megan Fox (Jennifer’s Body, Transformers) as bordello babe Leila.

Fox described her character during a press conference at this year’s Comic Con as:

The love interest I guess you could call it, but not very conventional. Leila is this prostitute that Jonah Hex has been visiting for years. They have a special relationship. He doesn’t want to allow her to get to close to him because everyone that he loves dies. She doesn’t really understand that concept, so she’s part of this push and pull sort of situation.

I don’t know about you, but I just emptied my six shooter. Enjoy the following gallery:

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