Lindsay Lohan Lurks ‘Among the Shadows’


Hot train wreck Lindsay Lohan is back on track with new MTV show “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” and horror indie Among the Shadows. While neither looks promising, Among the Shadows appears to be less catty…it’s about werewolves!

Lohan plays a hot First Lady who hires a hot private-eye chick who comes from a long line of werewolves to find out who’s trying to murder her husband and together discover a deadly conspiracy or something.

Lohan made her horror film debut in the 2007 serial-killer drama I Know Who Killed Me and co-starred in Robert Rodriguez’s grindhouse actioner Machete and Dimension Films’ Scary Movie 5.

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A trailer has gone online for director Joe Berlinger’s upcoming Ted Bundy biopic, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile. The film tells Bundy’s tale from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer.

Berlinger is the noted documentary filmmaker behind Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster and the Paradise Lost true-crime docs. He is working off a script by new scribe Michael Werwie. Zac Efron (Neighbors) portrays Bundy and Lily Collins (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones) plays Kloepfer.

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Did You Hear…’Walking Dead’ Mid-Season 9 Premiere Has a New Teaser!


AMC is set to unleash the second half of  “The Walking Dead’s” ninth season on Feb. 10. A lot has already happened: Rick’s gone. Jesus is gone. Maggie is gone. Tara is… regrettably not gone (here’s hoping new enemies The Whisperers—assholes sporting cadavar skin to live among the dead—have a need for a plus-size).

A new teaser for the mid-season premiere has gone online.

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Murder & Mayhem…It’s the ‘Lords of Chaos’


A trailer has gone online for Lords of Chaos, Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund’s ode to Norwegian black metal pioneers Mayhem — a band so diabolically disturbed they make Slayer look like choir boys. Rory Culkin stars as the group’s founder Øystein Aarseth, know by his stage name, Euronymous.

In addition to kickstarting the death metal scene, Mayhem is infamous for torching churches, satanic shennanigans, and the violent demise of its founding members. The film arrives in theaters Feb. 8 and On Demand Feb. 22.

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Anne Hathaway of Getting Us Excited for ‘Witches’ Adaptation!


Anne Hathaway is set to star as the Grand High Witch in director Robert Zemeckis’ adaptation of the 1983 British children’s novel “The Witches” for Warner Bros. Coming off his criminally underrated Welcome to Marwin, Zemeckis will also write the film’s screenplay and produce alongside Alfonso Cuaron (Roma) and Guillermo del Toro.

Envisioned as an American period piece, The Witches is set in the Gothic South during the 60s and follows a young, orphaned boy taught to identify witches by his grandmother, a former witch hunter. The Grand High Witch rules over all witches and orchestrates a plan to turn children into mice to be killed like vermin.

Hathaway is coming off Nacho Vigalondo’s trippy sci-fi comedy Colossal. Her notable genre creds include the 2008 thriller Passengers, Tim Burton’s awful Alice In Wonderland, and Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar.


HBO Teases ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8!


HBO has released its first official teaser for the eighth and final season of its beloved fantasy series “Game of Thrones.” Set to run only six lengthy episodes, the show premieres April 14 and is described by producers as “an incredibly emotional haunting bittersweet final season.”

No new footage provided in the teaser, but the promo reminds us of the ordeal the Starks have suffered and the struggles still to come as the voices of Ned and Lyanna Stark speak to Jon Snow and Sansa and Arya Stark about…about…well, dammit, I don’t remember anymore! It’s been two years!

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Won’t Get Outta Bed In ‘Sometimes I Lie’


Sarah Michelle Gellar is dipping her foot back into the horror pool with the psychological thriller Sometimes I Lie, an adaptation of the international bestselling novel by Alice Feeney written for the screen by Robin Swicord (Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

Gellar plays a woman who wakes up in the hospital paralyzed and unable to speak nor open her eyes, but can hear those around her and suspects her husband is responsible for her condition. The show alternates between her present state, childhood memories, and the week before her accident.

Gellar, best known for her iconic turn as Buffy Summers in Joss Whedon’s hit series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” made quite a splash in horror early in her career, starring in blockbuster films The Grudge 1 & 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Scream 2. Maybe this is a step back in the right direction?


Vanessa Hudgens Warms Us Up for ‘Polar’


Netflix has set a Jan. 25 premiere date for its new original movie Polar, an adaptation of the Dark Horse graphic novel “Polar: Came from the Cold.” Mads Mikkelsen (”Hannibal”) continues his transformation into Liam Neeson, playing a retired hitman attempting to survive an onslaught of young assassins eager to collect the price on his head.

Vanessa Hudgens co-stars as his mousey neighbor out in the snowny woods where he’s taken refuge. She becomes a liability when she’s abducted by the killers in a ploy to draw him out. Hudgens has looked better, but it’s good to see the Machete Kills and Springbreakers stunner getting back to thrillers.

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This ‘Prodigy’ Ain’t Kidding Around!


A new trailer has gone online for The Prodigy, a bad seed thriller from director Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact) and writer Jeff Buhler for Orion Pictures. Set to release Feb. 8, the film stars Taylor Schilling (”Orange Is the New Black”) as the tormented mother of a seemingly malicious eight-year-old boy, played by Jackson Robert Scott (IT).

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‘Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen Eats ‘Arctic’ Threats for Breakfast!


Mads Mikkelsen has already achieved one impossible feat: reinventing Anthony Hopkins’ Oscar-winning role as Hannibal Lecter as an even more terrifying and memorable villain. Now…he faces polar bears and nature’s wrath in Bleeker Street’s Arctic.

Mikkelsen plays an airplane crash survivor who must risk his life on a perilious journey across the arctic in search of rescue. The film is slated for release on Feb. 1.

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