Natalie Portman Faces ‘Annihilation’ for Husband!


Paramount Pictures has released a trailer for Annihilation. The eco-thriller is an adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s novel and marks director and writer Alex Garland’s followup to his acclaimed directorial debut Ex-Machina.

Natalie Portman leads a cast that includes Jennifer Jason Leigh (Hateful Eight), Tessa Thompson (”Westworld”), Gina Rodriguez (Deepwater Horizon), Tuva Novotny (Possession), and Ex-Machina alumna Sonoya Mizuno and Oscar Isaac.

Annihilation follows four hot babes sent on an expedition by a mysterious group called Southern Reach to a quarantined part of the United States labeled Area X, where 11 previous missions ended with disastrous, sometimes fatal, results due to abnormal activity.

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‘Amityville: The Awakening’ Opens House In November!


Lionsgate Home Entertainment has set a Nov. 14 VOD and home edition release date for its long gestating sequel, Amityville: The Awakening. Franck Khalfoun (Maniac) directs from a script by Casey La Scala (The Remaining) and Daniel Farrands (The Girl Next Door).

Amityville: The Awakening stars Jennifer Jason Leigh (Single White Female) as a single mother who moves with her three children into a new house in Amityville, New York to be close to the neurological hospital taking care of her comatose son. Unfortunately for the new transplants, the house is pure evil.

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Get Onboard: QM’s Dark Harbor 2017 Is Now Open!

Dark Harbor-Queen-Mary

Good news fright fans! It’s time to leave your dull landlubbing life behind and head to the harbor – the Dark Harbor. Your ship just sailed in! That’s right… the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Halloween extravaganza opens today, running select nights Sept. 28 – Nov. 1. Don’t miss the boat – get your tix are here.

Located at the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach, Dark Harbor 2017 unleashes hundreds of ghouls, monsters, and sea-faring creeps, immersive attractions, live undead entertainment, tasty grub, intoxicating spirits, and seven maddening mazes – including this year’s all-new ship maze, Feast.

Feast tells the tale of Chef, a culinary genius at serving up WWII soldiers as flavorful delicacies, burnt alive in his own oven upon discovery from the ship’s crew. Not one to let a bad review torpedo his career, the Chef returns from the dead with new fish to fry.


Those brave enough to navigate the Feast maze are in for a smorgasbord of unimaginable horrors whipped up by Chef and his loyal and ravenous crew. Fortunately, courage can be found in a bottle at a special 7-degree ice bar serving up vodka flights in the freezing depths of Chef’s Meat Locker – whoa, wait a minute, is this a trap? If it is, we’re dead meat for sure!

Feast makes Dark Harbor history as the first-ever fourth ship maze, joining Lullaby, Soulmate, and B340 in taking guests deep into the engine rooms, corridors, and galleys for what can only be described as a uniquely terrifying experience.

Meanwhile, the docks will see more intensified versions of returning mazes Intrepid, Circus Big Top Terror, and Deadrise – an intricate maze so well crafted and long (and wet) it’s easy to get sucked into its story and believe it is a sunken World War II escort ship haunted by drowned mariners and their fearsome Captain.

Tickets – including online deals – are available now and can be purchased at the Dark Harbor website. Check out our reviews for Dark Harbor: 2016, 2014, and 2013.


Screamfest Announces Complete 2017 Lineup, Tix On Sale Now!


The movie lineup for the 17th annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival has been revealed and tickets are now available here. Running Oct. 10 – Oct. 19 at the TCL Chinese 6 Theater in Los Angeles, the event will see the premiere of a variety of features and shorts from around the world.

Opening night gets rocking with the world premiere of Dead Ant, the much buzzed about horror-comedy about an aging hair-metal outfit terrorized by giant ants after unleashing an ancient curse while on a dope binge during their comeback tour. The film stars Tom Arnold , Jake Busey (”From Dusk Till Dawn”), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Leosha Hailey (”L-Word”), and Cameron Richardson (”Harper’s Island”).

Also holding its world premiere at the festival will be social media thriller Like.Share.Follow. The film follows a rising YouTube star tormented by the emotionally troubled fan he foolishly bedded. Tragedy Girls also takes a stab at social media. The film is making its U.S. debut and stars Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) and Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse) as BFFs who would kill to go viral.

Other U.S. premieres include: Alone, about a group of teens who, like Tiffany before them, think they’re alone now in the world; Double Date, a British indie about a doughy 30-year-old ginger who meets serial killing sisters while desperately looking to lose his virginity; Irish ghost story The Lodgers, and WWI outbreak thriller Trench 11.

L.A. premieres include: To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story, a documentary on the man behind Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees mask; extreme haunt frightener Ruin Me; and 1922, an adaptation of the Stephen King novella about a farmer who murders his wife with the help of his son and is haunted by his actions in ways he never imagined. 1922 stars Thomas Jane and debuts on Netflix Oct. 20.

And, then, there’s… Leatherface, the newest entry in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise helmed by celebrated Inside directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. The highly anticipated sequel provides an origins story for the iconic chainsaw-wielding madman.

Screamfest is the biggest and longest-running horror film festival in the U.S. The show is a star-studded event where filmmakers and actors  talk horror with each other and the public. For complete movie lineup and to purchase tickets, visit the Screamfest website.


Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe Shaken By Alien Invasion in ‘Revolt’


Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe is fending off an alien invasion in director Joe Miale’s feature debut Revolt. Set in the war-torn African countryside, Marlohe plays a French foreign aid worker fighting to survive with the help of a U.S. soldier (Lee Pace).

Marlohe starred in this year’s sci-fi indie Kill Switch and guest starred in an episode of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” revival series. The French stunner is best known for playing vengeful former sex slave Severine in Sam Mendes’ Skyfall.

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‘Tragedy Girls’ Are Killing It On Social Media!


Tragedy Girls stars Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) and Alexandra Shipp(X-Men: Apocalypse) as true-crime obsessed BFFs who go viral on social media by murdering people and pinning their deaths on the local serial killer they’ve abducted and imprisoned.

Kevin Durand (”The Strain”) plays the serial killer and is joined by Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine), Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games), and Nicky Whelan as sexy schoolteacher Mrs. Kent. Tyler MacIntyre (Patchwork) helms the horror-comedy, in theaters Oct. 20 and holding its L.A. premiere at Screamfest.


A ‘Tomb Raider’ for Penis Apologists and Big Boob Haters Emerges!


Warner Bros. has released a trailer for its Roar Uthaug-directed Tomb Raider reboot, starring Alicia Vikander as iconic video game treasure hunter Lara Croft. Judging by the footage, the new film succeeds in stripping Croft from any overt feminine sexuality – as it is now offensive to portray heroines as voluptuous.

At a time when young girls are actually dressing more provocatively than ever, pants on Croft makes about as much sense as they do on the Kool Aid man and puts forth a confusing message – are we only to respect female heroes if they dress conservatively?

We know pompous ass-hat James Cameron thinks so. He lost his shit over Wonder Woman’s sexy costume, suggesting she was too hotly attired to be taken seriously. Meanwhile, the penis-apologists at The Hollywood Reporter wrote how relieved they were to see Croft’s body wasn’t made grotesque with the presence of large breasts.

Yes, breasts and curves, how gross and anti-heroic. Only strippers, prostitutes, Hooters waitresses – you know, women of ill repute – have curves and breasts! Fuck that. Croft was created as a bodacious character and her figure never made a difference in her ass-kicking and puzzle-solving capabilities – that was solely based on the game player’s skills.

That said… the flick looks good!

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‘Dead Ant’ Is No Picnic For Cameron Richardson!


A trailer has gone online for Dead Ant, a horror-comedy about an aging hair-metal outfit and it’s entourage on the road to a music festival in the hopes of putting on the comeback performance of a lifetime. All goes awry when they do peyote with a mysterious native American during a stop at Joshua Tree.

The stranger warns them not to hurt a single living thing while tripping, but they do and must survive the giants ants unleashed by an ancient curse.

Dead Ant is directed by Ron Carlson (Life Blood) and stars Tom Arnold (True Lies), Jake Busey (”From Dusk Till Dawn”), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Leosha Hailey (”L-Word”), and stunner Cameron Richardson (pictured above).

Dead Ant makes its world premiere at this year’s Screamfest, running Oct. 10 – 19 at the TCL Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood, CA. Get tickets and info at the Screamfest website.

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Francesca Eastwood Makes Your Day w/ Nude Debut in M.F.A.


Francesca Eastwood, daughter of movie icon Clint Eastwood, is out for some Dirty Harry type justice in M.F.A., a revenge drama starring Eastwood as a college rape victim turned vigilante when she inadvertently kills her assailant during a confrontation and uncovers the rampant rape culture on her campus.

Dark Sky Films releases M.F.A. on Oct. 13. Early reviews reveal the film is a bit on the chatty side, but Eastwood does flash some boob (thanks, Mr. Skin) so you can still get some enjoyment from the flick while appearing sensitive at the theater – just keep your pants zipped!

Eastwood’s genre creds include playing mutant Molly Walker on NBC event series “Heroes Reborn” and co-starring in photographer and then boyfriend Tyler Shield’s revenge thriller Final Girl. She is best know for burning a $100K Birkin bag in a photo shoot for Shields.


Feast Your Eyes On Gabrielle Haugh In ‘Jeepers Creepers 3′


Screen Media Films has released a full-length trailer for Jeepers Creepers 3, the long gestating sequel in the popular horror franchise from writer/director and convicted child molester Victor Salva. Set during The Creeper’s final day of feeding, the film finds police task forces attempting to figure out the monster’s origins to kill it.

Original final girl Gina Philips reprises her role as Trish and Jonathan Breck returns as The Creeper. But, it’s model and actress Gabrielle Haugh who will make you turn a blind eye to Salva’s despicable behavior and watch Jeepers Creepers 3, assuming you can find a theater playing it.

Jeepers Creepers 3 was meant to be Haugh’s first major release up until that pesky child molesting thing impeded the film’s theatrical run, forcing Regal theaters to screen the film for one night only on Sept. 26. Rumor has it Haugh lost her recent gig on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” over an Instagram post announcing her involvement in the sequel.

Haugh made her acting debut in Lifetime’s lesbian vampire dramedy “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger.” She has since starred in the indie frighteners The Midnight Man and The Institute and co-starred on Netflix’s teen suicide soap “13 Reasons Why.”

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