‘Leatherface’ Is Such a Buzz Kill!


Lionsgate has released a trailer for Leatherface, the eighth entry in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Celebrated Inside directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are at the helma. Lati Grobman (Embrace of the Vampire) and scream queen/ex-Playboy model Christa Campbell (Day of the Dead) produce.

Leatherface is a prequel to the 1974 classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, providing an origins story for its iconic chainsaw-wielding madman – one of four escaped mental inmates who abduct a young nurse and take her with them on the lam as a pair of twisted Texas Rangers hunt them down on a personal mission of vengeance.

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Catch Cuban Stunner Ana de Armas in ‘Blade Runner 2049′


Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Blade Runner 2049, its upcoming sequel to Ridley Scott’s renowned 1982 sci-fi classic. The film is helmed by Denis Villeneuve (Sicario) and written by Hampton Fancher (Blade Runner) and Michael Green (Logan).

Ryan Gosling stars as L.A.P.D. blade runner K and Harrison Ford reprises his role as original replicant hunter, Rick Deckard. Jared Leto plays replicant creator Neander Wallace. Cuban stunner Ana de Armas, a 2015 Best Nude Acting honoree for her role in Knock Knock, is the film’s female lead, Joi.

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Charisma Carpenter Receives ‘Mail Order Monster’


“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” alumna Charisma Carpenter is set to star in Mail Order Monster, a fam-friendly frightener about a tween girl who orders parts from a comic book ad to build a monster to keep a hot MILF from marrying her dad.

Carpenter plays the hot chick the little girl’s dad is banging endlessly in the butt (or so we imagine). Josh Hopkins (”Cougar Town”) co-stars as the dad banging Carpenter in the butt every night and Madison Horcher plays his cock-blocking nag of a daughter.

Carpenter first broke hearts as high schooler/vamp-killer Cordelia Chase on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and spinoff “Angel.” She also starred on “Veronica Mars,” Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, Ryan Murphy’s “Scream Queens,” and a long string of horror and erotic thrillers.

In 2015, Carpenter’s performance in Bound – a Fifty Shades of Grey knockoff – earned her a spot on Clatto’s esteemed list of Hottest Nude-Acting Performances.


OMG! Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’


Now that the disturbance in the force has been dealt with and we no longer have to worry about the Han Solo standalone film being in the hands of bad kiddie flick helmers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s (Lego Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), we can focus once again on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Episode VIII in the Star Wars Saga opens in theaters Dec. 15 and Disney has unveiled a smile-inducing, cheer-out-loud behind-the-scenes featurette, providing a glimpse at the new adventure writer and director Rian Johnson (Looper, Brick) has got lined up for us.

Stunts are jaw-dropping and it’s exciting to see our heroes and villains back in action and … Luke! Luke Skywalker, much missed in The Force Awakens, now in full blown Obi-Wan/Yoda mode! Watch it and just try not to get emotional when the score creeps up on you!

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We Still Wanna Shack Up with Lauren Holly… Even In a ‘Dead Shack’


MILFy stunner Lauren Holly (Dumb and Dumber) is set to star in Dead Shack, a cabin in the woods thriller pitting a group of teens against the predatory evils threatening to harm them and consume their inebriated and hard partying parents.

Sound like a good watch? Don’t matter to us! With Holly in the cast, our heads fill up with memories of her boner-inducing scene for quirky 90’s dramedy “Picket Fences,” in which her deputy character seduces the sheriff’s young son in the boy’s dream with cake, a Gameboy, and her bra and panty clad body!

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‘Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick Brings a Warm Front to ‘Geostorm’

katheryn winnick

A trailer has gone online for Geostorm, an environmental disaster flick from producer-turned-first-time-director Dean Devlin (Independence Day, Godzilla) for Warner Bros. and Skydance Media. Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Eugenio Derbez, and stunners Abbie Cornish and Katheryn Winnick (pictured) provide the star power.

A global geostorm is set to wipe humanity off the earth when satellites designed to control the climate go bonkers, forcing satellite engineer Jake Lawson (Butler) to leave his insanely hot ex-wife (Winnick) and their daughter behind – again! – and go into space to fix the problem. Garcia plays the President, Harris the Secretary of State, Sturgess Jake’s brother, and Cornish a hot federal agent.

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Australian streaming service Stan has begun production on season two of “Wolf Creek,” a serial adaptation of Greg McLean’s 2005 slasher, starring John Jarratt as colorful outback killer Mick Taylor. POP, a joint venture between entertainment giants CBS and Lionsgate, will once again broadcast the show in the U.S.

The new season will run six episodes and finds Mick Taylor terrorizing a bus load of tourists on holiday. Jarratt reprises the role of Mick Taylor. New blood includes Matt Day, Ben Oxenbould, Stephan Hunter, Chris Haywood, “Animal Kingdom’s” Laura Wheelwright and Alien: Covenant’s Tess Haubrich (pictured).

McLean reveals:

We’ll join an amazing cast on a road trip of a lifetime, as they must draw on their inner strength to outwit the terrifying Mick Taylor. John Jarratt returns to take Mick’s dark arts to a whole new level, showcasing the beautiful and dangerous landscapes of the remote outback.

“Wolf Creek” debut last year on POP. Read Clatto’s review of season one here.




Remember Rachel Greene? Asshole daughter to the wonderful, lifesaving Dr. Mark Greene on “ER?” Well, actress Yvonne Zima is all growns up now and starring in The Monster Project as part of a group of young filmmakers looking to interview people who claim to be monsters for YouTube fame.

Things get out of hand when the three subjects they speak to turn out to be a skinwalker, a vampire, and a demon – all having a bad day on the eve of a lunar eclipse. Victor Mathieu (CarnieVille) directs what looks to be a pretty fun flick. The Monster Project arrives in selected theaters and VOD Aug. 18.

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Spend Time with Teresa Palmer in ‘2:22′


Aussie stunner Teresa Palmer will always be our genre girlfriend. Coming off David F. Sandberg’s exceptional Lights Out and this year’s abduction thriller Berlin Syndrome – a role worthy of scoring Palmer placement in Clatto’s esteemed Best Nude Acting annals, Palmer can now be seen in Paul Currie’s sci-fi thriller 2:22.

Written by Currie and Nathan Parker (Moon), 2:22 tells the story of an air traffic controller who experiences patterns of chaotic déjà vu at the same time of day every day since nearly causing the aerial collision that got him suspended. Palmer plays a passenger on one of the planes whose life gets entangled with his and becomes endangered.

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‘Better Watch Out’ for Olivia DeJonge!


Well Go USA has set an Oct. 6 limited theatrical run and VOD release date for Better Watch Out, a home invasion frightener from Chris Peckover, writer and director of 2010’s timely and frightening immigration thriller Undocumented. Aussie stunner Olivia DeJonge toplines the film, formerly titled Safe Neighborhood.

Described as Scream meets Home Alone, Better Watch Out is set in a quiet American suburb during the Christmas holiday and stars DeJonge as a babysitter protecting herself and a 12-year-old boy from home invaders who are not what they seem.

Better Watch Out co-stars Levi Miller (Pan) as Luke, DeJonge’s charge, Virginia Madsen (The Haunting in Connecticut) and Patrick Warburton (”Seinfeld”) as Luke’s parents, and DeJonge’s The Visit co-star, Ed Oxenbould.