Feeling Lucky? ‘Leprechaun Returns’ to Torment Sorority Girls!


You’re luck just ran out… especially if you’re a college coed! Lionsgate has announced a Dec. 11 VOD release date for Leprechaun Returns, the seventh installment in the horror-comedy series that has become a cult favorite. This time out, the sinister mischief maker is out to murder and maim the sorority sisters standing in the way of his gold.

Warwick Davis, who famously played the Leprechaun in the first six films, is regrettably MIA again, but Linden Porco of Channel Zero acclaim steps into his pointy shoes. The series is also known for launching Jennifer Aniston’s career with the original Leprechaun in the early 90s. Taylor Spreitler (Amityville: Awakening) is the one to watch this time out.

Peep it:


Katie Aselton Deals w/ Stiffs in Porn Horror Comedy ‘Deep Murder’


Katie Aselton (”The League”) is a porn star dropped in the middle of a slasher in Deep Murder, a horror-comedy set in the world of porn in which life-and-death events force change among its archetypal characters, helping them evolve from sex-crazed tropes into real people.

Aselton plays a hotwife making a cuckold out of her husband by banging his brother. Stunner Jessica Parker Kennedy (”Black Sails”) co-stars as the hot babysitter. Why they felt the need to add a more plot is beyond us. Screen Media will do a multi-platform release for the flick early next year.

Aselton, best known for her comedic role as Jenny MacArthur on FX’s fantasy-football series “The League,” doesn’t really do horror, but has two notable creds: twisted psychological thriller The Gift and cat-and-mouse survival frightener Black Rock, which she also directed.


Hot Coeds Experience a ‘Haunting On Fraternity Row’


The Haunting on Fraternity Row can now be witnessed on VOD and no it’s not about a hangover from the previous night of drinking and screwing. It’s about some cock-blocking evil entity that kills college kids as they party at a year’s end shindig.

The film is directed by some guy named Brant Sersen, who co-wrote it with some other guy named Jeff Cahn. It stars some dudes and sexy starlets Ashton Leigh (Ozark Sharks), Shanley Caswell (Snow White: A Deadly Summer), Claudia Lee (Kick-Ass 2), Stephanie Honore (Mirrors 2), Melissa Saint-Amand (”Ozark”), Mary Alice Risener (The Domestics), and Molly Tarlov (”Awkward”).

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Alycia Debnam-Carey (”Fear the WalkingDead”) is set to star in A Violent Separation for directing duo Kevin and Michael Goetz (Martyrs, 2015). She will play a hot woman who falls in love with the deputy who’s covered up the murder of her hot sister to protect his scumbag brother.

Brenton Thwaites (Oculus) plays the deputy and Ben Robson (”Animal Kingdom”) his brother. Claire Holt (47 Meters Down) is the hot dead sister. Additional co-stars include Gerald McRaney (”Major Dad”), Francesca Eastwood (M.F.A.), and Buffalo Bill himself Ted Levine (Silence of the Lambs).

Debnam-Carey is best known for role as hot zombie apocalypse survivor Alicia Clark on AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead.” Notable genre turns include the lead in cyber-thriller Friend Request, natural disaster thriller Into the Storm, supernatural frightener The Devil’s Hand, and as hot lesbian Commander Lexa on The CW’s tween sci-fi series “The 100.”


Raising the Roof In ‘The House That Jack Built’


A new trailer has gone online for The House that Jack Built, a new Lars Von Trier’s (Antichrist) film about a serial killer confessing five of his most significant murders over a 12 year span, while attempting to pull off his latest murder.

Matt Dillon stars as homicidal maniac Jack with co-stars Uma Thurman, Jeremy Davies (”LOST”), Sofie Gråbøl (”The Killing”), and stunner Riley Keogh (It Comes at Night). The House that Jack Built premieres Dec. 14 in selected theaters and on-demand. An unrated cut will play in theaters on Nov. 28 exclusively.

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Thora Birch Bounces Back w/ ‘Kindred Spirits’


If you saw Thora Birch’s unexpected and awe-inspiring topless scene in 1999’s Oscar winner American Beauty, you still suffer withdrawals from the ongoing lack of Birch boobies in today’s cinema. Well, Birch is back! No word on whether she’ll be flashing those bad girls, but, hey, there’s finally hope!

Birch has been tapped to star in Lucky McKee’s (The Woman) Kindred Spirits, about a single mom whose life goes topsy-turvy when her sister shows up after a long and mysterious absence. Birch will play the single milf.

Birch last go at horror was in 2009’s Deadline, one of Brittany Murphy’s final films before her passing.


‘Corporate Animals’ Taps Cougar Demi Moore!


Demi Moore is set to star in the cannibalistic horror-comedy Corporate Animals. She will play the milfy and ego-maniacal CEO of Incredible Edibles, who takes her staff and tormented assistants on a team-building caving trip to New Mexico.

Shit hits the fan when they get caved in during the trip and must deal with their personal issues and elements to come out alive. Ed Helms (The Hangover) plays the group’s guide and Jessica Williams (Hot Tub Time Machine 2) is one of Moore’s assistants.

Corporate Animals is helmed by Patrick Brice (Creep) and marks Moore’s return to horror since 2007’s Mr. Brooks.


Will Naomi Watts Go Nude In ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Series?


Yes, that headline is pure click bait, but admit it…it was the first thing you thought too! Sure, “Game of Thrones” is one of the best dramas on the small screen, full of heroic hurrahs, horrific oh-nos, and jaw-dropping what-the-fucks. It is also notoriously known for its nudity—bold, beautiful, and, thankfully, mostly female.

So, when Naomi Watts (The Ring) was announced as a lead on HBO’s eagerly anticipated and currently untitled GoT’s prequel/spinoff series, we couldn’t help but cheer for the potential Naomi nudity coming our way.

Written for the screen by Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass) from a story she penned with GoT creator George RR Martin, the show finds Watts playing a hot, mysterious socialite—sounds like the kind of character that drops robes to us!

Peep HBO’s logline:

The series chronicles the world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour. And only one thing is for sure: from the horrifying secrets of Westeros’ history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend… it’s not the story we think we know.


Regal 4DX Horror Fest Is a Halloween Treat!


Regal Cinemas’ inaugural 4DX Horror Fest is well under way with screenings of fright favs IT: Chapter One, Annabelle: Creation, Jigsaw, and this year’s unholy blockbuster The Nun. Running now through Nov. 1 at all Regal 4DX locations, the event — priced at a sweet $10 a pop — is a Halloween treat not to be missed.

Of course, if you’re a horror fan, you will have most likely seen these films, maybe even own them, but watching them in a 4DX equipped auditorium with friends and strangers is the kind of fun and unique experience that makes movie-going special again—especially for those who enjoy the nervous energy of watching horror in a group. Everyone is on the edge of their seats. Literally.

The chairs, big and cozy, are synced to vibrate and tilt with the action onscreen while environmental effects (i.e. rain, wind, lightning, scents) and blood splatter (water…we hope!) enhance the atmosphere. Jump scares in 4DX are a blast, of course, but it’s when you hardly notice your chair has dipped or reclined or leaned to follow a character around a sewer, down a basement, or into a trap that suspense is spiked.

New Line’s 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s IT and producer James Wan’s Annabelle: Creation are the must-sees at the festival. Frightening and engaging on all levels—thoughtfully written, superbly acted, masterfully helmed—they are a perfect mix of story and scares. Every jolt is earned and perfectly timed to ensure Pennywise and Annabelle spook you where you sit.

Jigsaw, last year’s revival of the SAW series after a seven year hiatus, is a no-brainer for 4DX. The chair’s rumblings, air jets, and blood splatter add oomph to what are some pretty fun traps in the highly underrated entry — our favorite being Laura Vandervoort buried neck deep in a grain silo as sharp objects rain down around her. The air jets go nuts on this part and it’s effectively nerve-racking.

Click here for tix and to find a Regel 4DX theater.


Let’s Hear It for ‘The Boy’ Sequel: Katie Holmes Cast!


Katie Holmes is set to star in the sequel to the 2016 sleeper hit The Boy. She will play a hot mom whose son bonds with the creepy life-like doll that tormented hot babysitter Lauren Cohan (”The Walking Dead”) in the original.

Cameras roll on the STXfilms production on Jan. 14 in British Columbia with original Boy director William Brent Bell and writer Stacey Menear on board.

The film marks Holmes return to horror since the 2010 Guillermo del Toro produced remake Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Holmes, who came to fame on the hit teen soap “Dawson’s Creek,” is forever revered for her epic and timeless topless scene in the fittingly titled Sam Raimi supernatural thriller The Gift.