Slayer Plays with Dolls



If you love your mom, but hate strippers, hookers, ballet dancers, busty waitresses, party girls, biker babes, sexy massage therapists, and really just anyone with boobs and a vagina, you will eat up Slayer’s new animated/live action short Playing with Dolls. The twenty minute film made its debut on MySpace Video and will also be available on the Deluxe Edition of the thrash band’s upcoming disc World Painted Blood. Directed by comic artist Mark Brooks, the short follows a brutal serial killer during a ruthless murder spree.

The video is beyond slick and features a deliciously fucked up storyline that calls to mind the 1982 slasher classic Pieces and the hilarious 1990 horror-comedy Frankenhooker (minus the laughs). Gotta warn you: it’s gruesome stuff. You may want to view it alone. Personally, I waited for Mrs. Muertos to go to the spa before watching it.

Slayer (I mean SLAYER!!!!!) unleashes World Painted Blood on Nov. 3.

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