Top Ten Scariest Video Games?

The gents at AskMen.com took a short break from fawning over Fall’s most chichi jackets for men to write up a list of the Top Ten Scariest Video Games currently on the market (click here to see complete countdown). Topping the list are:

3. Left 4 Dead


2. Resident Evil 4


1. Dead Space


So, what do you think Blogsuckers? Did the dapper lads at AskMen.com get it right?

I’ve heard Left 4 Dead is a blast to play online. Unfortunately, the idea of getting my fragile gamer ego stomped on by groups of tween mouth-breathers keeps me from giving it a try. I’ve loved the Resident Evil series since its days on the original Playstation, but part four gives me vertigo if I play longer than five minutes, which wouldn’t be a problem if Mrs. Muertos didn’t mind me keeping a puke bucket next to the armchair.

Dead Space … now there’s a game that makes the hair on my ball sack stand.


On the flip side, we at Clatto Verata have listed the Top Three Potentially Most Frightening Stories currently on AskMen.com (sorry, we didn’t actually read’em) :

3. Reasons Women Withhold Sex
(Do guys really want to know this?)

2. Top 5: Naked Date Ideas
(It rarely works out the way you imagine)

1. Picking Up Women on Public Transport
(Just a bad idea)

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  1. All the previews are awesome, but I love to play Resident Evil 4 most. One more reason to like this game is it`s horror theme. Thanks for the post…