Lock the Doors & Stay Inside: Valve’s ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ Streets Today!


Left 4 Dead 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning, multi-player shooter from Valve Corporation, burst onto store shelves this morning. Technically superior to the first and loaded with much more hair-pulling intensity, Left 4 Dead 2 unleashes new, faster (Chargers) and frighteningly agile (Jockeys) zombies on unsuspecting gamers. Fortunately, there are plenty of new weapons to be used, including a frying pan (proving that the secrets to life can all be found in episodes of Looney Tunes).

Online gamers eager to get at each other’s throats should immediately jump into “Scavenge” mode, where they can play as either survivors in search of fuel or as “the infected” out for blood.

If Left 4 Dead 2 sounds just too nerve-racking, gamers can take a step back–way back–to an 8-Bit Nintendo version of Valve’s original Left 4 Dead courtesy of PixelForce. The game will be available as a free PC download on Jan. 4, 2010.  For a rib-tickling preview, check out the trailer:

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