Half-Naked Megan Fox Reminds Us Why We Want to See ‘Passion Play’


Now that Mickey Rourke has publicly shat on Mitch Glazer’s supernatural romancer Passion Play, Image Entertainment has reconfigured its marketing efforts to appeal to a more specialized audience: penises between the ages of 18-to-39.

The savvy studio has released a string of pics showcasing Rourke’s gorgeous costar Megan Fox in varying degrees of undress. The 24-year-old stunner plays a winged creature held captive as a circus sideshow attraction. Rourke is the down-and-out loser trying to save her.

Filling out the cast are Kelly Lynch (The Jacket), Rhys Ifans (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Chris Browning (Let Me In), Rory Cochrane (Scanner Darkly), Alexandra Essoe (Surviving Crooked Lake), Liezl Carstens (Fright Night) and Bill Murray (Zombieland) as circus owner Happy Shannon.

Passion Play will have a limited theatrical run starting on May 6. Home editions will arrive on May 21.

Fox is part of Clatto’s list of The 20 Hottest Women Working in Horror/Sci-fi Today. To see topless shots of Fox on the Passion Play set, go here . To see additional BTS photos go here.

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