The Hughes Bros. Return with ‘Book of Eli’, Denzel Washington & Mila Kunis Star!


The Hughes Brothers, directors of such critically acclaimed hardcore dramas as Menace II Society and Dead Presidents, haven’t fared very well in the horror genre, despite producing 2001’s visually rich Jack the Ripper mind-bender From Hell and serving as executive producers on the USA network’s unjustly short-lived serial-killer drama “Touching Evil.”

Thankfully, the uber-talented duo haven’t given up on horror fans. Come Jan. 15, they will unleash their unique view on a post-apocalyptic future with the Book of Eli, starring Oscar-winner Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Malcolm McDonald, flash-dancer Jennifer Beals, and brunette stunner Mila Kunis. The film marks the brothers’ return to directing since 2001’s From Hell.

"Hey, shut that door! I'm trying to pinch a deuce in here."

"Hey, shut that door! I'm trying to pinch a deuce in here."

The Book of Eli is described as a post-apocalyptic western set in the future after the sun has exploded. Washington plays a drifter on a mission to find a sacred book that may hold salvation for the earth’s remaining survivors. He meets troubled teen Solara (Kunis) in a small town run by a sinister sheriff (Gary Oldman).

"It's really big. And, afterwards, I'm gonna want a sandwich."

"It's really big. And, afterwards, I'm gonna want a sandwich."

Kunis told Comcast’s Reel News:

Solara lives in a small town run by Gary Oldman’s character, who is the sheriff of the town and he’s an incredibly abusive man. He’s evil in the sense that he just wants to get what he wants and he’ll stop at nothing. He sends me to seduce Denzel’s character when Denzel’s character comes to town. Solara has never seen anyone who’s not physically abusive towards women…and she’s fascinated by him and intrigued by him and she decides to run away and follow him on his journey, become his pupil and ultimately help him succeed in his venture.

It’s always about the sexual chocolate with white chicks.

Kunis further explained:

The hardest thing about playing her was in the hour and a half (of the movie) she grows up dramatically. The film only takes place in about a week’s span so when you meet her at first she’s very wide-eyed and naive but hungry to know about the world. And when she meets Denzel’s character she’s driven to learn.

Kunis is currently shooting for Darren Aronofsky’s supernatural thriller Black Swan.

And, finally, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy the following gallery:

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