Mallika Sherawat Rides the Snake in Jennifer Lynch’s ‘Hisss’


Director Jennifer Lynch is once again set to strike.

The daughter of renowned director David Lynch (Mulholland Drive, “Twin Peaks”) is currently in India shooting a diabolical creature-feature entitled Hisss. Based on an ancient and ongoing  Eastern myth, the film brings to life the terrifying tale of the Nagin, a half-woman/half-snake creature hellbent on vengeance after her mate is murdered.

Lynch tells Buzzine:

My vision was to create a thrill ride but bewitching and haunting and seductive -– and funny. To me, if you can sort of make me giggle and then scare the shit out of me, you’ve won. Hopefully, there’s a little bit of humor that crosses Eastern and Western cultures.

Lynch made her directorial debut in 1993 with the outrageous, and criminally underrated, psychological drama Boxing Helena. The film, which centered on a surgeon so consumed with a woman that he amputates her limbs to keep her from leaving him, was severely panned by critics and caused a shit-storm of outrage from the National Organization of Women.

Lynch, then 25, embarked on a self-imposed 15-year hiatus that came to an end with the release of her sophomore effort Surveillance in 2008.


Perhaps encouraged by Surveillance’s positive reviews, Lynch is eager for audiences to see Hisss. She says:

Hopefully they are offered a new thing to fear and fantasize about. Most importantly, they will see a really interesting love story that has gone on for thousands of years.

Indian actress Mallika Sherawat plays the film’s lethal, but alluring, Snake Goddess.


She tells Buzzine:

The movie is based upon a very popular Eastern legend about a shape-changing snake who takes human form and comes to the modern world. It was pure torture (playing the snake). I was in a snake suit for 14 hours and I couldn’t pee! It was raining and it was cold and we had leeches all over.

Considered the Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood, Sherawat’s sex appeal plays a big part in the movie and caused for some embarrassing moments during filming.


She explains:

We had real snakes on set. It was weird and creepy. As it is, my parents have disowned me! Now, when they see me making love to a snake … Oh my God! And it was a rubbery, slimy, slithering snake. And Jennifer would tell me, ‘Lick it harder!’ Yuck!

I’m happy to be a part of this. For a snake that doesn’t speak, my character in the movie is very sexy; it’s venomous and it can swallow whole. A story like this comes only once in a lifetime.

Sherawat’s character can swallow whole? I think my trouser snake just moved. A release date has not yet be announced for Hisss, but I will keep you posted.

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