Josh Holloway Talks About Sawyer’s Descent into the Dark Side on ‘LOST’


If you’ve been watching the sixth and final season of ABC’s sci-fi series “LOST,” you know that actor Josh Holloway’s James “Sawyer” Ford character is heading towards the dark side. The loss of his could-have-been wife Juliette has filled the southern conman with rage and hate, making him vulnerable to the seductive forces of Evil Locke.

Yes, I’m reveling in the Star Wars parallels! I have always thought of Sawyer as the island’s Han Solo, but wrong I was (unless, of course, he’s running a long con on Evil Locke).

Holloway, who now-more-than-ever deserves an Emmy win, spoke to People magazine’s Shawna Malcom about Sawyer’s fall and his life-after-“LOST” plans. The following are some highlights:

How’s poor Sawyer holding up when we see him again in Tuesday’s episode?
He’s still racked with grief and full of guilt for allowing (Juliet’s death) to happen.

But Juliet’s the one who let go of Sawyer’s grip and detonated the bomb!
That doesn’t erase the shame and guilt of not being able to hold on. At the core, it’s a man’s responsibility to protect, no matter what. Going forward, Sawyer’s all anger. He hooks up with Locke because he just doesn’t care to live anymore. He’s already dead inside.

Are things officially over then between Sawyer and Kate?
Any feelings he allows for Kate are a betrayal to Juliet and their love. As the character, I don’t want anything to do with it. It’s shameful to him. Yet there’s an inevitable attraction. I want the writers to honor what Sawyer and Kate have built together, but I don’t know what that looks like.

Is it fun to get to play two versions of Sawyer this season — one on the island and one in the flash-sideways?
With all the things I’ve been through with this character already, it’s interesting. I thought I’d just figured out Sawyer and now it’s like, “Not so fast!” But life is that way — we think we learn lessons but then they come back for another round.

How are you feeling about the show winding down?
I cannot believe it, even though we’ve had quite awhile to digest it. It’s bittersweet. When every episode is done, it’s like, “Shoot, one more in the can.” It’s been an incredible ride for me as an actor. They’ve really taken Sawyer on a rollercoaster, and that’s been a pleasure to explore.

How would you like to see that rollercoaster end?
I would like to see Sawyer grow towards the light. He’s experienced that with Kate and then Juliet — that made him want to live again and live differently — but then it was all ripped away. So my hope for him is that he doesn’t wallow in the darkness.

Co-stars Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly have both said that they’re unlikely to do TV again after Lost ends. What are your plans?

I have a huge desire to do other things — TV, movies—and I feel like I’m just getting started. It’s gonna be a whole new adventure. I’ll always keep roots in Hawaii but inevitably, I must go to L.A. — that’s where the heart of the business is. It’ll be back to the audition room, and I’m game. I don’t want straight offers — I want to read for things. I want to prove to myself and to that town that I can go forward. I don’t want anything given to me.

“LOST” airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

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  1. Juliette had amazing tits. I’d be bummed out about her loss, too.