Hayden Panettiere Fixes God’s Mistake, Gets Bigger Boobs!


The Daily Fill is reporting that “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere has finally fixed God’s mistake and gotten herself a nice big set of boobs. The 20-year-old actress is said to have gone from an A-cup to a C-cup over the Valentine Day weekend.

From The Daily Fill:

Hayden went from an A to a C cup, and she couldn’t be happier. She’s wanted bigger boobs since she was 17, but the time and scheduling were just never right. She finally decided to do it right after the holidays.

Hayden hopes her makeover will land her better parts and finally get her out of that cute, blonde, popular cheerleader stereotype.

If this story proves to be true (fingers crossed, everyone), Panettiere could indeed leave that cute, blonde, cheerleader stereotype behind and step into a more mature stereotype such as the busty, blonde prostitute or the busty, blonde stripper. I applaud this decision and hope Keira Knightley follows suit.

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