Model/Actress Adrianne Curry Cooks in Thong!


Model and sometime-actress Adrianne Curry posted a pretty sexy shot (pictured above) of herself prepping a meal while in a thong on her Twitter account Saturday.

She tweeted:

reason 298 why my husband loves me & my cooking. naughty naughty #fuckwearingpants.

Curry quickly removed the picture a few moments later—most likely after being beaten to a pulp with a toaster by her uber square and jealous husband Peter Brady (yes, that Peter Brady). If you saw their reality show “My Fair Brady,” you’ll recall that undeserving jack-hole got bent when she posed in an erotic girl/girl shoot for his birthday or some shit.


Curry is best known for being “America’s Next Top Model’s” first winner and playing World of Warcraft nude. She also starred in the 2006 horror flick Fallen Angels.

UPDATE: Curry Bonus Twitter Shot:


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