Revealed: The Real Reason David Carradine Hung Himself in Bangkok!


When 72-year-old iconic actor David Carradine was found naked and dead in a Bangkok hotel with a rope tied around his neck and balls, most people assumed that he had accidentally killed himself while chasing the greatest orgasm known to man. It seemed like a reasonable explanation … up until now.

While perusing the internet today in search of a sturdy belt and doorknob, I came across new evidence that would suggest that Carradine’s death was no accident.

Take a look:

It’s my belief that Carradine knowingly offed himself in that seedy hotel after reflecting on the career decisions that led him to star in the upcoming SyFy creature-feature Dinocroc Vs. Supergator.

Am I alone in my reasoning? I don’t think so. Syfy has yet to announce an air date for the movie, leading me to believe that the masters for Dinocroc Vs. Supergator have probably been seized by authorities investigating the case.

I hope this finally lays to rest all misinformed concerns over the practice of auto-erotic asphyxiation. It’s perfectly safe, kids!

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