Alicja Bachleda Shows Off Her Tail in Neil Jordan’s ‘Ondine’


Did you know that the drunken bastards over in Ireland have their own take on mermaid lore? Selkies are mythical creators that are human female from the waist up and seal from the waist down (would be quite disturbing the other way around). Selkies, unlike mermaids, can shed shed their tails at will and grow legs to walk among humans.

Director Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire) explores the myth in his new film Ondine, starring Polish actress Alicja Bachleda as a gorgeous selkie and Colin Farrell as the fisherman who catches her in his net.

Folklore states that a person who steals a selkie’s skin takes dominion over her, forcing her into servitude. That means she’ll do anything you want. ANYTHING. Sure, you can marry her, or you can force her to do all the things women hate to do. That’s right … your laundry, your meals, even your rain gutters!

Catch Ondine in theaters on June 4.

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