Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Big Guns in ‘Transformers 3′ Audition Video!


I am not one of those people who automatically dismisses women with large breasts as bimbos. In fact, I am very much the opposite. I have always believed that a woman’s intellect correlates to her boob size. The bigger the melons, the more interesting, charming, and smart the girl becomes. I could totally listen to a chick with 34E’s ramble on about politics, the environment, and cats.

That said, I’m starting to have my doubts about former-Hills-star-turned-aspiring-screenwriter-and-actress Heidi Montag. The top heavy blonde recently shot an audition video at a gun range in the hopes of impressing uber-producer/director Michael Bay to give her the female lead in Transformers 3 (Megan Fox is no longer involved with the series).

Take a peep:

I’m guessing if an actress can’t just schedule a meeting with Bay, she probably has zero chance of landing a part in his movie. So, I don’t understand why Montag would shoot this video when it’s obvious that … wait a minute … could it be that Montag knows that Bay wouldn’t even consider her for a role as a tree in his flick and that this whole audition video was made just to keep her in the news?

Genius! This proves my big boobs = big brain theory! Well played, Montag, well played.

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