Who Wants to See Seth Green’s Wife (Clare Grant) Naked?


If you don’t know Clare Grant (“Sexy Nightmare Slayers”), you’re probably not Seth Green’s penis.

The fledgling 30-year-old actress has been stuck doing forgettable roles with frivolous nudity (I call it God’s work) in straight-to-DVD fare since making her movie debut in 2004.

This year, she wised up and legally attached her vagina to Green, Hollywood’s hardest working go-to-geek. How this fortuitous move will affect her willingness to strip naked in movies and print is yet to be determined.

Don't worry, Seth. These guys are probably gay.

Don't worry, Seth. These guys are probably gay.

But, looking at the BTS photo above taken from Grant’s recent “Cube” pictorial (more shots below), I’m gonna guess those days are over. From now on, expect to see Grant in a series of shitty, fam-friendly John Travolta flicks with Green.

Enjoy Grant’s “Cube” spread:

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  1. Holy fuck it that supossed to be hot ? You can see her ribs. Oh wow not good looking at all !

  2. chubby chaser

  3. thats directed at mat the guy above me

  4. like to see more of her .

  5. Chubby chaser….bcuz the guy wants a woman who has beautiful, full curves and lines? Some meat on her bones instead of an anorexic, half-starved looking woman. She is beautiful, but she is too skinny. You can see her ribs, her legs are twigs and her ass is as flat as a board, and most likely all bcuz she is afraid to allow herself to even gain 5lbs. Women are suppose to look like women. Women have a degree of thickness on them, from breasts to hips to ass. No woman has to have huge, overpowering breasts or long skinny legs. Any woman who is proportioned is beautiful, big breasts, small breasts, flat stomach or a roll or two, narrow or wide hips, thick round ass or petite and shapely….if it’s all proportioned and is visually appealing and HEALTHY then all sizes and shapes of women are beautiful. An under-weight, excessively skinny, unhealthy female body is not attractive. Most women who wear size 0-2 are not that way naturally, they have to continuously work to keep that size and do unhealthy things. A woman with a healthy, natural body, no matter what size is beautiful. Chubby and fat are subjective words. One one finds chubby or fat is always perfect for someone else. Natural round, full to thick curves with a healthy weight is attractive and sexy. Super skinny, starving and anorexic looking with no curves and bones showing is not sexy. Thankfully the trend to a more natural, full-figured woman is more popular over the anorexic runway model look of the past.

  6. I generally agree with you… a bit heavier does not mean a woman is less attractive… and it’s nice to see that most people are okay with “plus size” models nowadays.

    But that also goes in the other direction… Clare Grant is not even close to looking anorexic or unhealthy. She’s just thin.

    If you continue to moan about women looking unnatural that just are in the normal parameters of human sizes it puts just more pressure on people to go against their own nature. Slim shaming is no less ignorant and callous than fat shaming would be.