Twentieth Century Fox held the world premiere for director Robert Rodriguez’s revenge thriller Machete yesterday at the legendary Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Hundreds of vatos and ruccas gathered in the streets to watch as the film’s stars arrived in colorful, tricked-out Lowriders.

Unfortunately, I mistook a large gathering of Mexican day laborers at the Home Depot for the event and missed out on all the festivities. I did, however, make 20 bucks cash for helping a gringo move a fridge into his third-story apartment.

Jessica Alba & Michelle Rodriguez Cozy Up with the Wrong Mexican

Jessica Alba & Michelle Rodriguez Cozy Up with the Wrong Mexican

Machete headliner Danny Trejo led the caravan riding on an orange-flamed custom-built motorcycle. Joining the veteran action star at the event were director Rodriguez and costars Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, and Electra Avellan (in a very short pink number).

Also spotted: Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino, painfully overrated comedian Sarah Silverman, “True Blood” newbie Natasha Alam, busty entertainment reporter Lauren Sanchez, Dana Rosendorff, Clifton Collins Jr., and Jacob Vargas.

Troublemakers: Robert Rodriguez & Electra Avellan

Troublemakers: Robert Rodriguez & Electra Avellan

Machete stars Trejo as a double-crossed assassin out to kill the honkies that set him up and left him for dead. The film is based on the faux-trailer featured in the 2007 Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino collaboration Grindhouse.

The all-star cast also includes Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Rose McGowen, Jeff Fahey, Elise Avellan, and a reportedly topless Lindsay Lohan.

Machete swings into theaters on Sept. 3.

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