Little Fockers star and 2005 Playboy cover model Teri Polo is set to star in director Josef Rusnak’s (The Thirteenth Floor) abduction thriller Beyond. She joins a cast that includes Jon Voight (Transformers), Julian Morris (Sorority Row), and Dermot Mulroney (Zodiac).

Currently being shot in Alaska on a reported $10 million budget, Beyond follows a veteran detective and a television psychic as they attempt to find a missing child. Polo, still a looker at 41, will play the child’s mother, Voight’s daughter.

Polo also stars in director Joe Dante’s upcoming supernatural thriller The Hole 3-D. Her horror creds include the 2009 ghost tale The Beacon and the awesome—but short lived—Fox television series “Brimstone,” in which she played Ashur Badaktu, the damned priestess who orchestrates the escape of 113 souls from hell.

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